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DeltaBetaBaby 10-31-2001 07:22 PM

A girl pledged my house last year, we will call her Brooke Stone. She ended up depledging, and rumor had it she was rushing again this year. Sure enough, she did, so we obviously wanted to release her immediately. The only problem was that there were two Brook Stone's rushing!

I wanted to be absolutely sure that we got rid of the right girl, so the Panhellenic computer chair let us know which one was not a freshman. Good thing we got it right, the other Brooke Stone ended up pledging.

greeklawgirl 10-31-2001 07:31 PM


Originally posted by ladyj39
When the rushees came to our table, we noticed that one girl was acutally a boy dressed as a girl! He/she was dressed in a shirt, miniskirt, tights, and a silver hello kitty backpack! Louise aka Louis told us all about how he/she's always dreamed about being in a sorority. The whole I was talking to him/her I tried not to stare at his/her adam's apple and keep a straight face.

Needless to say, he/she did not get a bid from any house.

ROFLMAO! I'm practically crying here. I would have paid money to see that! Good old San Francisco State!

mmcat 10-31-2001 07:43 PM

did you ask for a physical?
god bless san francisco

Aphigal 10-31-2001 08:26 PM

I was the colony supervisor for the Alpha Phi colony at URI, and during our first rush we had all sorts of problems with the Panhel VP of rush (even though we only went through the first round) Anyway she gave Alpha Phi a rush infraction because a girl left with a napkin or something really meaningful considering we were only going through open house and weren't even asking to be counted in quota.

So the ELC and I had to go to this "rush infraction" mediation and the ELC and this Panhel VP (sue is her name) get in this arguemnt about quota. Sue proceeds to tell me that I didn't know what I was doing because when her sorority colonized 2 years before they asked to be counted in quota and for a moritorium after FR so only that colony could COB. Blah blah blah. So needless to say 5 years later this ELC and I still joke about this crazy girl.

Fast forward 3 years after that rush I go to my boyfriends Christmas party at work. I am sitting across the table from this young couple Jake and Susan. Susan talks about how she was in XYZ at URI. And it all starts to come together. Yup sitting right across from her!

At my wedding last year I threatened to have the ELC and Sue sit together but the former ELC wouldn't hear of it.

ZetaLuvBunny 11-01-2001 12:43 PM

LOL ladyj! You should have been like "oh, I love your hair, where'd you get it done?" or like, "wow, you have a lot of muscle for a girl". LOL

mmcat 11-02-2001 07:16 AM

tee hee hee
i hope she at least sent you a nice present....
the world is way too small...

Harmony 11-02-2001 11:46 AM

The most interesting things to happen to me as a rusher this year was when I went over to talk to a pair of girls my roomate was talking to. I'd never met either one but as I walked over one girl looks at me and screams (at the top of her lungs) HOLY SH*T! My first reaction would have been what the...., but I just kinda looked at her. Then she explained she was just really excited to see my nametag...we had the same name (not too common) with the same spelling (also not so common). It was definitely out of place during rush, but she didn't mean anything rude by it. She was a nice girl, but didn't make it past that round. Our girls come off as mildly sweet girls and this girl was a little hardcore, not really a match.

BrownEyedGirl 11-02-2001 11:59 AM

I took a girl through one of our first round parties this year, and she was talking about being homesick. We started talking about where she lived, etc., when she decided to throw in...."What makes this homesickness worse is that my dad is a *very successful* doctor, so we have a really amazing house, and a place at the beach and in the mountains. Every year we add something new onto our house. A few years ago we got a **movie theater**, last year we got two tennis courts and this year we added a full sized basketball court. I mean, since we have such nice things it makes living in a dorm so terrible by comparison..." What am I supposed to say to that? Good for you? She was an in-house legacy to XYZ sorority, though, and I'm glad she went there!

The other terrible rushee I had came through that night and was also a double in-house legacy for the same sorority (let's say XYZ) as the first girl. I saw that one of my sisters had a bored-looking rushee so I went over to help. I tried to get her (the terrible XYZ legacy) to talk but she would not do it for the life of me! I can usually chat with anyone, so I was pretty shocked! What made it worse is that she kept looking around the room, never making eye contact (I hate that!). When I asked her where she was from, she told me, and I asked if it was hard to be so far from home. She sighed, rolled her eyes, took a deep breath and let it rip. "Look, I have a a brother and two sisters here, so NO, I'm not homesick. I live in such and such dorm, am a (whatever, I forget) major, and BOTH of my sisters are in the same sorority. And YES, we're close. Does that answer all of the questions you were about to ask? I'm sorry, but I've had the same conversation at every sorority tonight and I'm pretty sick of it."

My sister and I were so shocked we didn't know what to do! So we began chatting with each other, since the rushee wouldn't give us the time of day! Thankfully, she didn't have to worry about being bored with us any longer, we dropped her pronto. Her grades from h.s. were AWFUL so most other sororities dropped her too, I'm sure, if her terrible personality didn't get to them first. I don't know how they let her in, with her laughable h.s. GPA, but this girl is an XYZ now, and when I see her on campus (her sorority has Chapter in the same room as we do, so I see her as they are leaving each week) she rolls her eyes or gives me mean looks. XYZ doesn't know what they're getting into with these girls!

Shelacious 11-02-2001 12:36 PM


Originally posted by ladyj39
We had informal rush last spring that mainly consisted of COB parties. Panhellenic held an informational where all the Presidents got to make a speech, and all the sororities had tables out with pictures and information. When the rushees came to our table, we noticed that one girl was acutally a boy dressed as a girl! He/she was dressed in a shirt, miniskirt, tights, and a silver hello kitty backpack! Louise aka Louis told us all about how he/she's always dreamed about being in a sorority. The whole I was talking to him/her I tried not to stare at his/her adam's apple and keep a straight face.

LOL!!! :D Only @ SFSU would you HAVE to keep a straight face! You gotta love a campus where the annual coming out party is a major campus event (at least when I was there).

From a SFSU alumna :)

bruinaphi 11-02-2001 12:55 PM

This year at UCLA there was a PNM coming through who told her PX that she wasn't going to the rest of her parties after lunch on the second round b/c she was a legacy to XYZ chapter and they had to give her a bid b/c they hadn't made quota in the past couple of years. She asked the PX for an excuse and when the PX said no, the PNM called her a *itch. Little did the PNM know that the PX was an XYZ. Anyway, the PNM went to her other PX and explained the situation to her and the PX said, "Sure, I'll write you an excuse." The PX wrote excuse forms to the chapters that said, "PNM _____ isn't going to be at your party b/c she says her parties after lunch are not worth going to." Needless to say, the chapters got the hint that the PNM was not someone they wanted to keep around.

Anyway, the XYZ's didn't really like this PNM and then they heard about what she had said/done and called their International officers and got permission to release her. I don't think she got a bid from anyone.

ZetaLuvBunny 11-02-2001 03:28 PM

:eek: :eek: :eek:

I can't believe that! She should have had more sense, especially since you never know who your talking to! I would NEVER call ANYONE a *itch to her face, but especially in a situation like that! That girl needs some lessons in proper etiquette. Someone should've slapped her, LOL!

greeklawgirl 11-02-2001 05:11 PM

Shelacious, I didn't know you were an SFSU alumna too! When did you graduate? What was your major?

ErikaXO 11-03-2001 09:39 PM

I can't believe some of these chickies!!!!! (Or lil' roosters in the case of the drag queen!!!) The "Doctor's daughter" story killed me....unfortunately there were a lot of those coming through our rushes....I don't know who these girls think they're impressing.....half the time the person the're bragging to has a lifestyle that makes theirs look like pond scum in comparison.

I swear, someone like the rollin' eyes girl would drive me to say "You know what? I think we're finished here....why don't you go on outside???"

ZetaLuvBunny 11-03-2001 11:40 PM

On our float ride through the Homecoming parade this morning, several of my sisters and I were talking and somehow ended up discussing Mullets. LOL! Well, anyhow, I posed the question, "What would you do if someone came through rush with a mullet?" Miss President jokingly said something to the affect of "Oh, that's something we'll discuss after Initiation...How if someone has a mullet or not determines whether they get a bid." LMAO So I was like (again, jokingly), "Yeah if I see someone with a mullet come through rush next year I'll tell them 'wow, you'd be perfect for XYZ sorority' ". This is one (sorority) that we were kind of scared by during their performance at the Sigma Chi Derby Days thing a few weeks ago LOL! None of them have mullets, mind you, but they (not to be mean or anything) pretty much accept anyone who wants to join.

kimmykimmy 11-05-2001 01:08 PM

ZetaLuvBunny -- be prepared for the sorority rush voting process. It's pretty brutal.

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