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ZetaLuvBunny 10-30-2001 05:12 PM

OMG! I can't believe the one about the "eye socket". That's kinda creepy! The description of the girl who asked about her fat being circled reminds me of Mimi from the Drew Carey show (the way she dresses). LOL!

KillarneyRose 10-30-2001 05:36 PM


Originally posted by DeltaBetaBaby
Then she flicked off her rusher during a party. You do not get away with that.
I've seen this mentioned in a few posts, but I'm not sure exactly what it means?

aephi alum 10-30-2001 10:11 PM

This isn't a story directly about rush, but...

When I was a rho chi, we had training sessions where one of us would act as a rushee/PNM and another of us would be the rho chi counseling her. The "rushee" would be told what scenario to act out, and the PX would have to counsel her accordingly.

I had to "counsel" a "rushee" whose scenario was that she wanted to suicide. And I was supposed to talk her out of it, without mentioning the negative impacts it would have on her possibility of getting a bid - i.e. that she couldn't get a snap bid or get picked up as a quota addition. (This is NOT easy when you know how bid matching works!!)

Unfortunately, she misunderstood her instructions, and started talking about actual suicide - as in jumping off a bridge. :eek:

This wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't actually talked someone out of committing suicide not 3 months earlier.....

ErikaXO 10-30-2001 10:37 PM

Well, let's see....the Nightmare Pretty Girl story brought this one up from the memory banks!!!!

I can't remember if it was my last rush or not, it was either '92 or '93. There was this really pretty girl hanging around the Delt house the weeks before rush. She was very eye-catching....long, platinum blonde hair, very pretty face, tan, really cute trendy clothes (a little too trendy for preppy old Kent actually but she was so pretty no one cared.) Anyway she seemed pretty cool so those of us who hung out at the Delt house decided to try and chat her up before rush started and we weren't allowed to talk to her anymore. Well, after I beat the swarm of Alpha Phis off her with my boyfriend's baseball bat (just kidding) I approached her with a couple of my friends and she turned this DAZZLING smile on me and said "Oh, you're a Chi Omega? I LOVE Chi Omega!!!!" And the conversation basically laid out the fact that she was only interested in us.

Well come rush, she breezes in first party and everyone loves her. She looks so cute and really stands out, and she is very easy to talk to. We keep her. THEN the stories start to circulate.

According to an Alpha Phi PX, the girl had this unusual nametag on (rushees made their own) with two faces on it. When her APhi rusher commented on it, she replied that it represented her two separate personalities. HUH??? The chick openly admits she has a split personality??????

So we go ahead and have her back, and we find out APhi did we start thinking that it was just a dirty ploy on their part to get us to drop her and lessen the competition. Well then the story comes out from the DG rho the APhi party, she refused to leave. She was supposed to go to DZ next and she told them she had no interest in DZ and wasn't going to go there. She walked right back into the Phi house and said she was just going to hang out with them again. ??!!!!!!

Considering that APhi and DG are our two major competitors, we thought maybe the whole thing was still a conspiracy because supposedly she wanted us the whole time. So....we invite her back again!!!!! She kept going on about how she loved Chi O and was so happy there and how she loved me and Cat and Lori (we were "top rushers" who kept getting assigned to her) etc. We thought things were going great, and then there was a buzz from one of the OTHER chapters about her, something about her running her mouth at one of the parties and saying "I'm going to be an Alpha Phi or a Chi Omega." Well we went ahead and invited her to pref....but what we didn't know until it was too late was that WE WERE THE ONLY ONES TO EVEN BRING HER BACK FOR THIRD!!!!! Apparently the APB about "Psycho ______" was heeded by all but us. Now she's back for preference and we have to grin and pretend everything is ok, and she's all emotional and sure she is about to be a sister, when all the time we know that we aren't going to extend her a bid. YIKES. It was pretty ugly when her PX had to call her and tell her not to bother going to bid day because she didn't get a bid. She refused to talk to any of my sisters after that....I ran into her one day and I got her to sit down and talk to me about it and I asked her point blank about the incidents. She of course had a logical explanation for made me wonder. But years later I got a job at a major insurance carrier and guess who was working got it!!!! She caused a lot of trouble there too. I guess it really was her, not us.

The other funny thing is the story I mentioned in another thread, where I had a carload of rushees and was taking them to another house when one of my sisters rearended me. I had way too many girls in my car and half of them got thrown into the front seat. I jumped out to check the damage as my car was brand new then, and luckily there was only a tiny scratch....I wanted to kill Christine but of course I had to be all sisterly for the rushees. Then one time two girls hit head-on....we don't have a specific sorority row, the houses are kind of spread all over Kent. But there is a tiny little road that leads to a cul-de-sac called Fraternity Circle. The road curves very sharply so you can't see what is coming....the Alpha Phi, DZ and DG houses are back there and this APhi comes barreling in around the corner and BOOM right into some DG girl.....yikes!!!! (Nobody got hurt but I think all the rushees they had in their cars dropped them!!!!):eek:

pbpck 10-30-2001 11:53 PM

Ok...technically I am not to talk about rush stories outside of rush, but this is fairly anonymous.

I had one girl with a Bert ( a la Bert and Ernie) unibrow who asked me the second I picked her up "So are you smart, because I want to be around smart people. I know sorority girls tend to be pretty dumb and I am really smart." I was stunned! Hello? We all got in to the same university. To make things worse, the conversation revolved around how she has watched this special on how helium was found in the ocean (she had been staring at our baloons blankly for the past few minutes)...luckily I remember all my chem classes and could relate to her so that it wasn't completely painful.

There are so many stories from the older girl that were outrageous. Luckily, that was my oddest one. Sometimes you wonder why certain girls rush at all.:rolleyes:

XO_Princess 10-31-2001 12:07 AM

I can't believe all these stories about PNM's giving sisters the finger!! :eek: Like, what do they think, it's going to help?? Good Lord, ya'll!!:rolleyes:

maggieaxid 10-31-2001 09:05 AM

Oh, I remembered this one last night too.Speaking of Name Tags....We encourage our rushees to make their own name tags, something that will make them stand out from the crowd and help the sorority women remember them. (ie. mine was Maggie from the Simpson's because My name is Maggie and i am from a town called this day people remember it)...anywhoo, we had this rushee come into a party and i asked her about her name tag because it was a pantrydog wrapper. (pantry dog's are like hot dog's from 7-eleven, wawa, or circle K depending what part of the country you are in.) she told me that pantrydog's were her favorite food and in fact she loved all types of hot dogs. and that she ate hot dogs constantly. when i tried to change the subject from something non-hotdog related she kept telling me all about hot dogs. like the different kinds, what she likes on them, the many dishes you can serve them with, ect.
Needless to say she was dropped. And i think she was released after first round too.

ZetaLuvBunny 10-31-2001 10:40 AM

Hot dogs?!? Eww! of my sisters (also was my Rho Chi this year) told me a story that happened two years ago...She said she was a Rho Chi that year also, and that one of the rushees in her group had asked her "if I get into a sorority, and I get pregnant, will I get kicked out?" :eek: She was abruptly dropped by everyone. Can you believe the nerve? :eek:

DeltaBetaBaby 10-31-2001 12:12 PM


Originally posted by XO_Princess
I can't believe all these stories about PNM's giving sisters the finger!! :eek: Like, what do they think, it's going to help?? Good Lord, ya'll!!:rolleyes:
I think the girl I referred to was dropped by every house. She then tried to COB. The Panhellenic VP-Recruitment gave her name to all the houses, and noone contacted her (even though there are about 10 houses here that can COB). The girl kept calling and calling the Panhellenic office, and finally the VP-Recruitment pulled me aside and asked me what was so horrible about this girl that noone wanted her. I would have felt bad if noone wanted her due to looks or something stupid she had said, but to hell with her if she is going to flick off one of my sisters!

fuzzie 10-31-2001 01:30 PM

During rush parties we usually play a game/ask a question that the rushee and her rusher each answer. Well, first of all, I don't know who made up the questions this particular semester, because this one was just asking for trouble. Anyhow, the question she got was something along the lines of, "What was the best thing you ever did to get revenge on someone?" The rusher answers first to give them a little guide on how to answer a question, but I guess she wasn't paying attention. She proceeded to tell everyone in the room a story about how she slept with her best friend's boyfriend to get revenge on her :eek: . I know that would be my first choice for a sister :rolleyes: .

dzrose93 10-31-2001 01:57 PM

Warning - long story...
I can't remember if I've told this story in another thread or not, so here goes:

There was a girl who went through Formal Rush while I was a junior. In the middle of Rush, which occured a few days before classes started in the fall, the girl was kicked out of her dorm for conduct reasons (if I remember correctly, she physically attacked her roommate) and had to leave school before the quarter started. Therefore, she had to drop out of Rush.

She came back the next year, and rushed formally again. However, by this time all of the sororities had heard about her being kicked out of the dorm and no one gave her a bid. This didn't stop her. She attended every informal rush party held on campus, regardless of what sorority was holding it.

She came to our informal rushes in the winter and spring, and both times she was cut before our invite-only party (which was informal rush's version of a pref party). At the end of Spring rush, our VP of membership personally called each girl who was not given a bid so that they would not show up at the Panhellenic office and be embarrassed in front of the girls who did receive bids.

This girl showed up at the Panhellenic office anyway! She waited around in the hall as the rest of our new girls picked up their bids and then, as the last girl was leaving the office with our VP of membership, she stopped them in the hallway and demanded to know where her bid was! The VP tried to pull her aside and quietly explain (AGAIN) that she didn't receive a bid, but the girl wouldn't hear of it. She made a huge scene in the hallway (which is in the center of our Student Union where tons of people were walking by), screaming at our VP about how she should have been given a bid and what terrible people our sisters were to have not extended her one. Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there...

Apparently, this girl's mother was just as crazy as her daughter...

I was president at the time all this happened (lucky me :rolleyes: ) and received a very nasty letter from mommy dearest basically saying that she would make sure Delta Zeta would pay for "abusing" her daughter. Around the same time I received a call from the Student Affairs director. The mother had called him, crying about how her daughter had been emotionally abused by our sorority and how we had violated Panhellenic's policy stating that rushees are entitled to fair, ethical treatment by NPC organizations during the rush process. So, I had to take the VP of Membership to the meeting with me (along with a copy of the nasty letter) to explain why the girl wasn't extended a bid. We had to tell the director exactly how our informal rush process works (basically, interested girls show up to open parties and the ones we like are invited back to one final party before bids are extended). We explained that we did everything in our power to prevent anyone who was cut from being "embarrassed." We also mentioned the girl's history of rushing every other sorority on campus and not being picked up, in addition to her history of being a conduct problem in her old dormitory. That, combined with psycho mom's letter, were enough to prove our point.

In the end, my chapter was cleared of all the false accusations and the girl ended up pledging a local sorority. One of my best friends was a member of the local, and tried to warn the girls that they were asking for trouble, but at the time their policy was to accept nearly all interested rushees so they took the girl. She lasted a few months before causing all kinds of turmoil among the girls and being kicked out.

XO_Princess 10-31-2001 03:53 PM

I just remembered this...I was talking to a PNM during Rush, and all she could talk about was why wasn't KKG at our school, how her older (biological)sister had been a Kappa, how we really needed Kappa at our school, blah blah blah. I was like, ok, I'll get right on that :rolleyes: -not that I have a problem with Kappa, my cousin is one, but come on-why go to one house, and talk about another? And then-when I would try and ask her questions, she'd be like-oh, thats not the kind of questions my sister was asked during Kappa!! AHHGGGG :mad:

Needless to say, we cut her.

AOPiLaLa 10-31-2001 04:37 PM

This isn't a rush story but what XO princess said about the Kappa girl reminded me of something. When I was home for Christmas my freshman year(pre rush--we didn't rush till Feb), I ran into a girl I went to high school with and she went on and on and ON about how wonderful Kappa Delta was and how I really should look at Kappa Delta when I rushed and it was really the only house to be and everyone who was anyone in this world was a KD. When I told her we didn't have KD at my school, she looked at me all funny and was like "oh, your greek system must be really bad--KD is only at schools that are really good--I feel bad for you". Now mind you, we have 7 women's GLO's at Elon, all NATIONALLY strong, just not KD. The funny thing is, after I did rush and go AOTT, I kept thinking during voting in the later years, Man, I would have cut that girl--she is so not AOTT! I guess some people can go a little GLO crazy!!

ZetaLuvBunny 10-31-2001 04:45 PM

When I was a rushee this year, another girl in the same Rho Chi group as me really got on my nerves. First of all, she and her best friend were both rushing. She would only, and I do mean ONLY talk to her friend and the Rho Chi. She totally ignored everyone else in the group, and it was obvious that she was completely full of herself. Of course she had looks to envy---she was very pretty, but she didn't have to be snobby about it! She completely tried to kiss our PX's butt, too. She reminds me of the character Nicole on the WB's Popular (totally into herself, and willing to do anything to get her way).

Every night of rush she would openly blab about which sororities she did or didn't like, and eventually I overheard her telling her friend, "The XYZs just LOVE me! But I think they're dorky. I was meant to be an ABC, anyhow. They're the only girls with fashion sense." Prior to rush, she had even

Well, I was crossing my fingers that everyone would drop her because she was such a complete *itch. Eventually I was just hoping that her and I wouldn't end up in the same sorority. Thankfully, we didn't. She went "ABC" like she said she would...I feel sorry for her sisters.

ladyj39 10-31-2001 07:14 PM

We had informal rush last spring that mainly consisted of COB parties. Panhellenic held an informational where all the Presidents got to make a speech, and all the sororities had tables out with pictures and information. When the rushees came to our table, we noticed that one girl was acutally a boy dressed as a girl! He/she was dressed in a shirt, miniskirt, tights, and a silver hello kitty backpack! Louise aka Louis told us all about how he/she's always dreamed about being in a sorority. The whole I was talking to him/her I tried not to stare at his/her adam's apple and keep a straight face.

Needless to say, he/she did not get a bid from any house.

Another semester we had a woman rush who was married and had three kids. She said she got pregnant in college and wasn't able to rush. She was only invited to pref one sorority (which is no longer on our campus), but did not get a bid.

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