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ExoticSarah 09-23-2004 09:31 PM

hahahahahaha :eek:

pinkyphimu 09-24-2004 06:32 PM


Originally posted by Amalia17
Probably has happened before at a number of schools, but during pref tea ritual a PNM's cell went off and not only did she answer it, but she actually talked on the phone during the party. She did not end up at that sorority, but she joined another. I thought that was pretty disrespectful.
how rude...but funny, at the same time. of course it is not funny in a room full of alumnae in the middle of the night at bid matching when that happens!

BetteDavisEyes 09-25-2004 12:47 PM


Originally posted by HotDamnImAPhiMu
Are you a recruitment counselor? What's with the sig?
Actually, I have been on GC for quite a while but had to retire me earlier persona. I have had to get a new name & make no mention of my GLO affiliation so that's why I kinda goofed around & made up my new one. Some of you might actually figure out who I used to be. ;)

Unregistered- 09-25-2004 04:32 PM


Originally posted by BetteDavisEyes
Some of you might actually figure out who I used to be. ;)
We all know who you are.

AGDee 09-25-2004 05:27 PM

This wasn't actually during a recruitment event, but it's by far my weirdest experience to date!

After pref, while we were waiting for the alumnae who attended bid matching to return to the house, the women were fervently cleaning the house. I was training a new advisor in one room on the second floor. The Vice President Recruitment went in her bedroom and shut the door behind her because she had a call on her cell phone. Someone was vacuuming so you couldn't hear much of anything. The other advisor and I realized that this woman's door knob was turning and there was knocking on her door, but she wasn't coming out. We went up close to the door to see what was going on when we heard, very faintly, above the roar of the vacuum "I'm locked in my room!". I tried to turn the door knob, and although it would turn, it wasn't moving the latch that holds the door closed. I asked for a butter knife to use a screw driver to try to remove the knob and get that mechanism out so that she could get out. I got all the screws out on my side, but the door knob wouldn't come out. She hollered that there were screws on her side too, so I slid the butter knife under the door and she was unscrewing her side. Then I was able to get the knob off, but I couldn't get that latching mechanism to budge. We told her to try to get the door off the hinges by pushing the bolts in it up but they were painted over and totally stuck! By this time, some sisters had come around to see what was going on. A couple of them tried to kick the door open, to no avail. I asked the VPR if she had her cell phone with her and she said yes, then asked why. I said "Because they're going to call you with the results and we need to know them, so I wanted to make sure you had your phone!". Someone finally hollered for the vacuum to be turned off so that we could hear the young woman who was locked in her room. Someone brought a screw driver over finally and I was able to pry it in between the door jam and the latch and the door opened! Phew!
It will be a hilarious sisterhood moment someday!


FashionWeek 10-09-2004 12:38 AM

OMG... i REALLY reccomend this thread to ANYONE who is planning on rushing .. wowowooww!!! its kinda hard to think about these poor souls without any common sense or mannors..

KSUViolet06 10-11-2004 10:56 PM

About an hour before 3rd party (house tours/video night) this year, we put some of our party food in the microwave. Well, it started sparking and just DIED! We were freaking out! Luckily, a sister lived close enough to drive to her apartment and get hers for us!

KSUViolet06 11-14-2004 11:27 PM


bordeaux hearts 11-16-2004 04:25 AM

I have a funny one...

A year before i rushed there was this girl who went through was an absolute *itch. During the first party she would stare off into space and play with her hair and at one point answered her cell phone while one of the sisters was talking to her. It was pretty much obvious from the first party that she didnt like us and was not interested but we kept her around because we had exteamly low numbers.

After the second party we find out that she was cut from all the sororities except for us and DEF and she told a PX that she didn't care because she knew that we "would give a bid to anyone" because of our low numbers. Whoops we didnt give a bid to her...but she got into the other chapter.

Story doesn't end.... she was in band with a new member from our chapter and kept on questioning her on why we accepted her but not herself. She got to the point of harassment that the girl asked her never to talk to her again. Now this girl is an RA in the same building as the sororities and tries to get us in trouble all the time and gives everyone dirty looks...thank god we didnt give her a bid.

KDMafia 11-25-2004 11:44 AM

Hey, I'm new to this forum, but my sister Heather sent me to this link and the stories were hilarious.

I have two funny/rude rushee stories. It happened during this fall's informal recruitment where girls can just come to our events without registering for anything.

We had two girls this year only come to our stuff and they were unbelievable.

We had one event in our chapter room (we dont have houses, so each sorority has a chapter room with stuff like a fridge and oven in it). This girl walks in, brushes past all the sisters trying to talk to her, past the food of refreshments, and goes right to our fridge, opens it and looks in. We were utterly amazed. She also would refuse to talk to sisters on later recruitment events because she had "already talked to them". Come on, if you want a bid from us you're going to have to talk to everyone more than once......

The second girl came to every event and stayed for the whole time and did not talk. Now this is not formal recruitment where she was forced to be in our room. She chose to be there. She would give occasional one word answers and once she told us a story. This story was how, during formal recruitment, she drove to a library in a town 20 minutes away, got one of our college yearbooks from the year before and looked at the sorority to try and figure out where each rho gamma was from. The fact that this story was the only thing i've heard come out of this girl's mouth did not bode well for her

Needless to say neither of these girls got a bid!

KDwxgrrl 11-25-2004 07:51 PM

Ah yes, the girl that opened our fridge. Classic. The odd ones all come out for informal recruitment... we had girls walk in with shopping bags from Target, put them down at the door, eat some of our food and talk to sisters, then picked up their bags and left... for their rooms upstairs (our CRs are on the first floor of a mixed sorority and independent dorm). They were never seen from again.

AlphaXi331 11-25-2004 09:29 PM

Our house has what you would call a "groupie" or even a stalker, hehe. I received my bid through fall informal recruitment last year, and I remember seeing this girl at all 3 events who weirded me out pretty bad. She made really off-hand comments and would stare blankly for long periods of time. Anyways, I wasn't sure if she was a sister or not and was relieved when I found out she wasn't.

A couple weeks after I got my bid, I came back to my dorm late at night wearing my block letter sweatshirt. As soon as the elevator door opens, I see the same weird girl standing there just playing the guitar. When she saw my letters, her jaw dropped and she yells "You're an AZD?!! I LOVE AZD!!! But they didn't give ME a bid for some reason...." Her eyes started to well up and she proceeded to tell me she was just gonna ride up and down the elevator all night playing her guitar. Once again, I was really weirded out.

Winter quarter she showed up for all 3 informal recruitment events, wasn't given a bid, and returned in spring, still not receiveing a bid. Finally someone asked who it was who kept inviting her back to all the events. Turns out, nobody had ever invited her, she had just somehow found out and invited herself. This fall she showed up AGAIN, and a lotta sisters who have classes with her say that she has AZD stationary, pencils, and pens she bought from the bookstore. I think she was offered a bid to a local sorority on campus, but turned it down in the hopes of one day being an AZD. Needless to say, she's a creeeepy girl...

ct504 11-26-2004 03:35 AM

I went through rush last spring and thought I was doing really well until one skit party. We were sitting on the floor watching the skit and my foot fell asleep, and I was completely unaware that I accidently kicked over my drink. The girl I was talking to was just like umm...I'll get some napkins. Once I realized that there was pink soda all over the floor I felt horrible and tried to help her clean it up, but at that point the skit had ended and a floater picked me up so the other girl could clean up my mess. Luckily we all laughed about it and even though I didnt join that sorority it is definatly one of my favorite rush memories.

LionTamer 11-29-2004 10:04 AM

When one of my best friends, Gina, was a freshman, she sat down for her first math tutorial at our 35,000+ student university (we had class in a huge auditorium, and then tutorials in small classrooms). The TA started calling roll, and when he came to one of the names, the girl next to her, who Gina had never laid eyes on before, grabbed her arm, and started freaking out. She was obviously upset that the guy was in the same class, proceded to tell Gina, in excruciatinlgy detail, all about this guy and their bizarre on-and-off relationship.

That evening, bids from formal rush were being given out, and she walked into the suite for the first time, and there's the crazy girl from math class, obviously part of the same new member class. Sixteen large sororities, and she ends up with the nutcase.

Gina claims she seriously considered turning around and leaving, but didn't.

I'm glad we didn't, because all these years later, we're still friends, in spite of our bizarre first meeting. (I normally don't seize onto total strangers and spill my life story, but this guy had a bad effect on me.....)

HotDamnImAPhiMu 11-29-2004 10:15 AM

Hahahaha! That's AWESOME. Good job telling the story, too. :D

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