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AOX81 09-09-2002 03:23 PM

I had a girl walk up to me and ask "what's your alcohol policy?" She kind of caught me off guard and I didn't really know what to say. Basically what she was looking for was someone to say it was okay for her to underage drink. During rush I did not even want to tackle that subject matter so instead I told her about our Risk Management program. She did end up joining my local sorority but then she transferred to another school and became an Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Jhawkalum 09-09-2002 06:02 PM

I once had a girl sniff her armpits right in front of me -- at first I thought she was trying to intentionally get herself cut, but then I realized she was just plain weird. It caught me so off guard that I didn't know what to say to her after she did it.

RosmaPomia 09-09-2002 10:28 PM

a little confusion
This was a rather unique thing to happen..
In my Pi Chi group one of the pnm's was hearing impaired, the chapters were advised. Well I go into my first party and they thought that I was her. The girl just started signing to me. When I told her I wasn't deaf she just flew out of the room!! It's all good though because it is the house I am a new member in right now.

AXOLiz 09-10-2002 11:27 AM


Originally posted by KappaKittyCat
The only other major "oops" that I made during Recruitment was during second set of my junior year, the Philanthropy Round. I was giving a short welcome spiel, just a little bit about what we were doing and what our philanthropy was about. I finished by saying, "If you have any questions about Kappa's local or national philanthropy, ask the actives at your table. And if you don't..." I just kind of stopped there. If you don't have any questions about our philanthropy... um... I stammered for a minute and finally said, "Then humor us and make some up." My advisor chewed me out big-time after that one.
During formal rush last year, I was fairly nervous. At one of the early parties, I was speaking to a really great girl that I would have loved to have as a sister, which of course made me more nervous about making a good impression. So the party's over and I want to say something nice like, "I hope you have a good night," or, "I hope you've been enjoying rush."

God forbid anything ever comes out of my mouth like I planned. I ended up saying, "I hope you have more fun at your other rush parties," dropped the girl off at the door, and just stopped dead in my tracks when I realized what I said. She didn't end up in our chapter, but since she went where she was a legacy, I don't feel like it's totally my fault. :p

GeekyPenguin 05-23-2003 02:36 PM

*bump bump*

This is a happy thread!

MTSUGURL 05-25-2003 04:45 PM

When I rushed at my former university, I became friends with a girl in another Rho Chi group who was very shy and awkward, and was determined to get her out of her shell. She was a legacy to KD through her mother and sister, but was cut before prefs from all but ZTA. She didn't get a bid for ZTA either (this girl was painfully shy and had a huge fear of even speaking to the sisters). Bid day, she came to my room and told me that she was considering killing herself rather than telling her mother that she didn't get in. Then she says that she'll just wear the KD shirt that her sister gace her - all she really wanted was a letter shirt to wear around kids from home. She started basically stalking my roommate who had pledged KD, following her around trying to get invites to parties, giving her nasty looks whenever she was in the room, and I came in one day to her not letting Jules out of her room until she promised that she would introdce her to some of her sisters. She went through rush the next year but was cut from everything again. I didn't realize that underneath the shy and awkward shell was a complete psycho.

uwwsweetie 05-25-2003 09:17 PM


Originally posted by XO_Princess
I can't believe all these stories about PNM's giving sisters the finger!! :eek: Like, what do they think, it's going to help?? Good Lord, ya'll!!:rolleyes:
Maybe they do it because they are there to mock us?

carnation 07-12-2003 09:45 AM

Gotta bump this one up for rush season!!!

DGMarie 07-12-2003 02:54 PM

This is my all time favorite thread. Really funny.:)

GPhiSweetiePie 07-18-2003 10:09 PM

Here are some choice stories from last year's rush at my chapter :D :

The too-comfy rushee: I didn't rush this particular girl, but anyway...One PNM literally took off her shoes during one of the parties...That's a little TOO comfortable, thank you!! She then proceeded to stretch and lay her head back against the couch, nearly falling asleep. Nice.

The name dropper: I'm not sure if she actually said anything about it during rush, but I had a class with a PNM during 1st semester (we have deferred recruitment) and in that class, she would CONSTANTLY remind everyone that her brother was president of a popular fraternity on campus. Thanks for sharing, like I couldn't tell by your last name, anyway.

The little rich girl: A girl I knew from high school (a grade younger than me) came to our first round rush party, and this girl had a REALLY bad reputation in high school, so I wasn't too keen on the idea of having her as a sister in general. After the party, I asked the girl who had rushed her how it went, and she told me that the girl barely said a word to her, but when she heard an adjacent pair of girls having a conversation, she totally whipped around when she heard the word "Tiffany's" and totally ignored her rusher and just listened to the other conversation!

The PNM your recruitment chair warned you about: We actually did have a girl go through that asked one of our sisters something along the lines of, "OMG, is your house like 'XY'?" I realize that some girls will do stuff to try and get cut on purpose, but jeeeeeeeez...:rolleyes:

Not that innocent: I rushed a girl who I absolutely loved, so I made it so that the person that would rush her at the next party would be my roommate, who seemed very much like her. When my roomie rushed the girl, the girl asked, "Is it a big deal that I don't really like to drink?" To which my roomie responded (truthfully, I might add) that it wasn't a big deal at all (b/c my roomie doesn't really drink either!). The girl seemed relieved. Well, she ended up pledging another house, and the girls there happen to hang out a lot at my boyfriend's fraternity. So, a few weeks later, I was at a party there, and I ran into this girl. She was WASTED, and proceeded to tell my boyfriend, "This girl is AWESOME. I almost joined her house because of her!" Good to know, hon, good to know...


MsFoxyLoxy77 08-26-2003 04:26 PM

HILARI:DUS Thread...Fork girl...Psycho Roomate...

KappaKittyCat 08-26-2003 06:41 PM

C'mon, there have got to be some good stories from this year!

FAB*SpiceySpice 08-26-2003 07:21 PM

My stories from this year aren't all that unusual or anything, but I will tell them anyway. :)

We had a girl that went through rush this year who was so...odd! She asked if me if we were going to tie her up and make her drink!!! :eek: When I told her no, she was like well that's good b/c I love to drink but I don't like to do anything that's being forced upon me....?? Then she was asking questions about our ritual and stuff, she thought we were Satan worshippers! And the other girl from my house who was talking to her with me is a freakin' religion major. :) As I was walking her out she told me she had been cut from all but three houses, on a day that she could go back to 9. Then she was like I can't wait to see your house tomorrow when I go on a, ok! We cut her that night. She was so strange.

Then there was the other girl who obviously has no manners or else it was just a really embarassing accident. Either way....for first round, 16 party day we all kneel down on the floor in front of the PNM's chair. Well my friend Annaleigh was on one side of me and a girl she was talking to farted right in her face!!!! :eek: :o And then there were also many girls who did NOT cross their legs so we all got great shots of their crotches. SICK, who doesn't know how to sit properly?! :rolleyes:

sueali 08-26-2003 08:24 PM

My chapter has had two notorious weird girls go through, we tell our first time recruiters these stories every year. We had a girl come through who smelled like formaldehyde(sp), that's not all she had a coffin shaped purse (kind of hard to explain) and she liked to sword fight, very interesting.

Second, I felt bad for this girl she had a really, really bad wig and it wasn't on her head right, she wasn't sick. I know because she ended up getting a bid to another chapter on campus.

Oh i remember one more, this one's kind of sad but through us for a loop. A girl went through and told one of the sisters that her biological sister had been killed and she was looking for sisters to take her place.

Lady Pi Phi 08-26-2003 08:38 PM


Originally posted by sueali
... A girl went through and told one of the sisters that her biological sister had been killed and she was looking for sisters to take her place.

Oh that girl would have freaked me out.

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