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MoxieGrrl 10-29-2001 12:59 PM

Weird rush stories
I am just curious to hear some people's crazy rush stories. For example, having someone famous come through, accidently throwing up on a rushee, anything else generally embarrassing or funny! These are fun!

carnation 10-29-2001 01:56 PM

There was a thread about a year ago with some funny rush stuff, including a hilarious story about Sigmagrrl somehow thinking she was supposed to kiss the girl who preffed her and another one about some rushee who used her cellphone during parties--I'll have to look for it.

In the meantime, let's hear some good rush stories!

ilovemyglo 10-29-2001 02:05 PM

Not for my sorority, but for a fraternity...
I was really good friends with some Sig Eps for awhile and it was one of the three nights girls were allowed at their house for rush so I went over there with some friends. These guys come through and start asking us about fraternities and I was talking up Sig Ep and all cause they were my boys... well one of the rush guys busts out with "so are you all the house whores?" and the other guy was like "yeah, do we get to screw you if we join?" we were all so shocked all I could stutter out was "you two little shits..." and walked away. I told me friend there what had been said and he went and explained to the guys that the girls at the rush parties were FRIENDS of the guys, some were girlfriends and some were little sisters so they needed to be respectful. They didn't rush Sig Ep, but it was really funny later on talking about it!
Okay a funny sorority rush story...
So, this year during rush we had goldfish at our second round of parties in little bowls on each individual table. They were all cute and stuff.. so this girl comes in and sits down and was like 'oh my god, with all this clapping and talking and as loud as you all are you should be ashamed of yourself." I was like HUH?? and she started lecturing me about how goldfish are extremely sound sensitive and we were murdering innocent little fish (Did I mention that they are actually FEEDER FISH! that would have died in another fishes stomach?). so she grabs the bowl on the table and starts to comfort the fish by trying to sing a lullabye... now tell me.... what do you do when you have a guest singing hush little baby to a feeder fish? I was so lost and the situation was so hilarious.... so I tried talking to the girl for a little bit but I was quickly let go by a sister who came over to talk to her.... let me tell you though! Oh my gosh! and for information, only three out of fifty fish died that day and the restgot homes in a sister's aquarium!

lyrelyre 10-29-2001 02:18 PM

I was rushing this girl on the first day and we were sitting on the floor of our formal living room. I told the rushee that her skirt was cute (it was on of those wrap around and tie skirts). She said thanks and kinda messed with it. When it was time to go she stood up and her skirt had somehow come untied. So she was standing in the middle of our living room and at least 120 girls in her shirt and a thong. I felt so bad for her, but it was so funny I couldn't help but laugh.:p

AlphaGam1019 10-29-2001 02:33 PM

Bid Day
I told this one to Carnation and she liked it, so I'll post it.

At our school on Bid Day, the tradition is the sororities wait on the front lawn with our big sorority letters. The new members have to run out to their group. One of our new members, Julie, accidently ran to the wrong group! She went to the sorority next to us and hugged those girls and given all the goodies of that other sorority! We KNEW it was wrong because we had our final list. One of our sisters yelled for her and Julie dropped all the other sorority's things and ran to us! How embarassing!

MoxieGrrl 10-30-2001 12:17 PM

During recruitment, Rho Chis do not escort the girls to sororites for the 3rd and 4th rounds. We have to wait until everyone we invited is outside the house before we can let them in. It was 7 o'clock, so I peeked out the door to see if everyone was there. Unfortunately, when I stretched around the door to look at them, my suit jacket button popped open! I looked at all the rushees in shock while they got a look at my new Victoria's Secret bra. Yeah, great impression I made for KD! (What's worse is that I'm membership!) I quickly apologized while they hysterically laughed at me. It didn't turn out so bad though....all the girls but 2 from that party went KD!!

carnation 10-30-2001 12:40 PM

I don't think I told this one...we had a rushee come through the door wearing an orange and purple dress, orange hose, purple shoes, and a huge orange bow in her hair. She socked the rush chairman DeeDee in the arm hard and drawled, "Hi, DayDay, I'm ___ ___ from Altoona, Alabama!"

The rush chairman recovered and so did those of us around her and we got through the party somehow. Even though conversation ceased in each little group she walked by...sisters and rushees were trying to be nice, but her appearance was so shocking that people were just temporarily left speechless!

Auburn had a policy in which each sorority was assigned a group of girls (alphabetically) that they couldn't cut to prevent the heartbreak of being cut by all 14 groups. Guess who was in our no-cut group. Guess who came back dressed as the Star-Spangled Banner...we were so afraid that other rushees would cut us because we hadn't cut her. Shallow, I know, but you have to do what you have to do to get a good pledge class. Many of us had bruised arms all week where she socked us...

ETA 9 years later, lol: I just now realized that I wasn't clear; each sorority had a group of girls that we had to bring back to second parties, no matter what, so that no rushee would be cut by all 14 groups after first parties. We could cut them after second parties.

aopirose 10-30-2001 01:08 PM

Where did she go Carnation?

carnation 10-30-2001 01:11 PM

AOII! No, not really. I never saw her again and I don't know if she left Auburn or toned down her hair and makeup so we didn't recognize her.

See, I forgot the crowning feature of her hair--she had her bangs cut like Batman's cowl, scooped way up and coming down to a big point in the middle.

maggieaxid 10-30-2001 02:00 PM

We had a girl similar to that story!
She showed up in all Pink (sidebar: she told us she really wanted to go phi mu too!). She had a pink shirt on, pink legging pants (you know, the kind you wore in elementry school when they were cool!), white socks with pink pom poms on them, and pink flats. To top it off she was wearing a "pink ladies" jacket...ya know, from Greese! And all she talked about was how she wanted to be a pink lady! (i don't know if she realized she was in the AZD house and we have nothing to do with the color pink except for our rose!) Needless to say, she was cut from everyone...even from Phi Mu.
She stayed at Elon, stopped wearing pink, but every time i saw her, all i thought about was how she told everyone she wanted to be a pink lady!
Another story is that this girl who had a brother who was in a good frat on our campus was going through rush. and everyone knew what a brat she was. well a week or two before rush, me and a bunch of sisters were at the bar and this girl starts flicking off my sisters and saying all this stuff, then she had the audacity to come to our party in her PJ's and told everyone she was going to be a ZTA or tri-sig because her brother would make sure of it. and during the same party she started flicking off the same sisters!!!!! needless to say, she got cut, and never recieved a bid and was forever deemed "finger girl". Her sophmore year she rushed again, and kissed our butts. She was again completely dropped.

ZTAngel 10-30-2001 02:21 PM

We had this one girl come through who was so rude to all of my sisters. I think she may have been a legacy at another sorority and pretty much knew she was going to get in there. So, she was out to get ZTA. At one our parties, about five minutes before the party ended, she decides she has to go to the bathroom. Spent over 10 minutes in there. The little b*tch was trying to get us a rush infraction! She was cut that day.

That same day, I rushed a girl who was First, she sat there and told me about how much she loves bowling and hopes that ZTA has bowling socials (no offense to anyone who loves bowling but this girl was going on and on about her average scores and the weight of the ball she uses). Then, she says to me, "I know that I'm not exactly thin. I'm just afraid that when I join Zeta that you all are going to stand me up in front of the whole chapter in a bikini and circle my fat." I had a heart palpitation. I said as calmly as possible, "If you joined Zeta, we would not circle your fat. We do not condone hazing." We cut her that day.

carnation 10-30-2001 02:27 PM


:eek: :eek: :eek: ! Did either rushee get a bid?

ZTAngel 10-30-2001 02:35 PM

I'm pretty sure that the first I listed went where she's a legacy at. She was probably nice to them. :mad: I'm not positive though.

As for the second girl....I talked to a friend of mine a week after rush who is a KD. She told me that the same girl asked one of her sisters that same exact question. I'm assuming that she asked all the sororities that question then. I don't think any sorority in their right mind would keep her.

kimmykimmy 10-30-2001 02:37 PM

Two girls I remember back in my day of rushing in the early 1990s.

I rushed this girl who had shoulder length black straight hair parted down the side. HOWEVER, her one side of her hair hung directly infront of her eye (I forget which side) so much that you could only see her one side of her face. We commented on it but she was cute enough to bring back and thought that maybe her barrette fell out or she didn't want to figdet with her haid all through our party so she kept it infront of her face.

Anyway, next round she cam back and her hair was exactly the same. Now we were wondering if she had an eye behind her hair or if it was an empty socket! It was a running joke among us as to whoever had her to try to find out what was hidden under her hair. It was really creepy after a while but also really funny.

She pledged a prodimentely jewish house on campus and we never found out if it was an empty socket or what!

Next girl I had was BEAUTIFUL. I mean drop dead. I mean so beyond beautiful she was almost painful to look at because she was so outstanding looking. HOWEVER, she was a total and complete b**ch to me. We invited her back and again I came over and said hello and she seriously didn't attempt manners with me or anything and didn't speak to me. Or anyone else.

I wanted to cut her but I was a pretty respected member and we were a new chapter and our advisors wanted us to keep her for as long as we could for eye candy. Fine, during voting I was mature and voted for her stating that there were two more rounds of parties and she was quite beautiful. Fine, we kept her and I was sick about it. Third round (before preference) she came back and was exactly the same. So, she wasn't just rude to me but also my little and other sisters so I had had it. Respected member or not I directly went to our national officers who were there supervising and CRIED (I am not a crier) to them saying that I DO NOT want her as a sister. Knowing that if we didn't cut her this round, she would be on our bid list once she showed up at preference. Luckilly we cut her and you know what? EVERY other house did too.

She was a nightmare.

DeltaBetaBaby 10-30-2001 03:49 PM

For the first round of recruitment, all the rushees wear the exact same T-shirt, paired with whatever they are comfortable in, usually cute jeans or khakis. Once girl, however, decided to modify hers a bit. She actually had cut the sleeves and neck off. She had then cut the side seams open, and fastened about twelve safety pins on each side to hold it together.

Another girl came through and was immediately noticed because she has blue hair. This isn't the South, so you might be able to get away with that. Then she flicked off her rusher during a party. You do not get away with that.

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