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ISU_XO 03-27-2001 01:27 PM

OTW- great topic! Such scary stories. It is really interesting that it happens to troubled teenage girls. My sister had a really hard and troubled teen life.

I had to stay at home for awhile and she had taken my old room so I had to stay in hers. During that week I had the feeling that someone was on top of me. I know I was awake but I was too afraid to open my eyes. I could not move or scream. It would last for about 5 or 10 minutes until I forced myself to open my eyes. It was exactly like that "choking" effect. The only other person I have ever told was my sister because I thought people would think I was nuts if I told them. There was def. a presence in that room!

amycat412 03-28-2001 01:38 AM

brooklineu-- me too, irish, family history of psychic dreams and i get to be the 'lucky' one of my generation to have them. they're always about my family thouhg, which is freaky.

carnation 03-28-2001 01:14 PM

Oooo, scary topic! I could go on about it for ages. OTW, when I was studying at UH, my parents' friends offered me their backyard house free of rent. I went up to St. Louis Heights and loved it--UNTIL they said none of their kids would sleep there because "someone" kept pulling the covers off of them, usually while they were awake. (I moved to an apartment complex.)

A couple of years ago, I was teaching English to Hispanics in a local factory. It was October and I was teaching them all the Halloween words and suddenly, I swear, a piece of chalk leapt off the board and landed several feet in front of me. There was no way anyone could've faked it. I don't know who got out of there faster--the American architect who worked in there, the "macho" Mexican men, or me.

I told the CEO and he casually said, "Oh yeah, weird stuff happens here all the time; it was a parachute factory during the war and several people were killed in the machinery."

Billy Optimist 03-28-2001 01:15 PM

Amycat and Brookline-
Me too. The only thing is that usually its just random stuff, like my dad shaved his mustache, or my mom was listening to one of my cds.

Unregistered- 03-28-2001 01:34 PM


When you were at UH, did that hanging at Mokihana dorm already take place? There was that young man who hung himself in the closet on the 9th floor up until a few years ago he was regularly seen in that room. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Glen Grant (a renowned ghost hunter) but he had called in psychics to assess the situation and they determined that he was a tormented soul who caused havoc to whoever lived in that room. Then exorcists were called in around 1995 or so and they say the spirit finally left. I don't know, I lived in Mokihana my freshman year and everytime I walked past that room it still gave me the creeps (this was in 97-98).

Despite the fact that I'm easily spooked, I've been called on by some visiting friends to take them around the island to visit some "haunted" sites. So, this weekend should be an adventure!

p.s. did you ever find out who or what that entity was at the St. Louis Heights home? Most of the homes over there are particularly on the older side, so I can only imagine the kind of history they have!

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Allie_XO 03-28-2001 02:04 PM

Prophetic dreams! Oh my gosh! I dream all the time, and mostly it's junk, but there was one time that really freaked me out! I had fallen asleep and dreamed that I was in a plane crash. I was sitting and looking out a window as we took off and it was rocky and bumpy and all of a sudden there was a streak of red and then it was over. When I woke up I turned on the news and there was "Breaking News" about the Concord crashing in England. It has crashed right at takeoff. I still get chills thinking about it.

I think a lot of paranormal stuff is hooey! You know - Call me now fer ya free reading! and that kind of stuff. But I've always heard that for every rumor you hear, there had to be a reason that it started. I think the same applies here - there has to be some reason why we even HAVE the concept of ghosts!

Another thing, one of Newton's Laws (I think) says that energy can not be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. Scientists have noted that the human body weights less right after death than it did right before death. Is it possible that the energy in our spirit just changed form when we die??? Hence ghosts? And then you can go from there depending on your religious beliefs.

Anyway, a little piece of trivia!


amycat412 03-28-2001 02:17 PM

The night I woke up and saw the ghost of the old woman in my kitchen -- it wasn't threatening at all, or scary--I was just freaked from the shock of it. But I was living in a very old area of Hollywood and my mom mentioned at the time with the age of the area, and the history, you can only imagine the things that went on.

I have deja vu dreams sometimes. Like last year, I dreamed that my whole family was together on the deck in my parents backyard. Everyone--and we live all over the place and hadn't been ALL together in 20 years. My Grandma was there too, she passed away 9 years ago. Well, not even 2 months later my aunt and cousins moved back to te city my parents are in and this Christmas, everyone flew there for thr Holidays and the scene was EXACTLY like the dream I had, so I could not help but feel that my Grandma must be there too, and happy to see all of us together again.

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AXO Alum 03-28-2001 03:02 PM

Okay - here's my ghost stories --

When I was about 10, and my brother 7, he had to sleep in my bed because his room was being painted. In the middle of the night, we heard a noise, and sat up to see a woman's ghost standing in my closet -- I had a full length mirror on the inside of the door, and she was standing there sobbing into a hankerchief. She was wearing a dress that looked like something you'd see in the old South with the big hoop skirt. She was just standing there sobbing -- we both ducked under the covers and then she was gone. We had never spoken about it until recently, and we both remembered it vividly! Weird...

So the weirdness continues - I still have deja 'vu all the time. I have never understood why some people don't believe in ghosts when there are so many of us who have experienced them. I have an open mind, though, so I guess that I believe in things easier than others.

Here's my latest -- our house was built brand new on top of an old farm. Our whole neighborhood (about 30 houses down one street) was. One night my husband and I were walking our pooches, and I saw something in this small wooded area in our neighbors front yard -- when I stopped to look, my hubby said "Don't freak, but that is a small family cemetary from the old farm -- there are like 3 civil war soldiers buried there and I didn't want to tell you because I knew you'd freak" so I tried to remain calm (okay this is our NEIGHBOR'S front yard here, but it is wooded in that one small section so its like a natural area). So I made a joke about not wanting any haints hanging around.

Well a few days later, I had the dishwasher open, and was putting the plates and bowls away. We have like 3 different plate sizes, and these big soup bowls that match our pattern. All of a sudden, one at a time, the plates started flying out of the cabinet at me. One by one and then followed by the other plates and bowls -- and I mean FLYING out of the cabinet like frisbees at me. I was running and ducking, but they were just hitting me all over. My husband came running and physically had to force the doors shut to keep the other stuff in there. We are not talking an earthquake or something. Whatever it was, was pissed at me or something! So needless to say, I was really upset (this is just last year, people!). So we began noticing that in the back bedroom (the guest room we don't use that much) - the light would come on at random, we'd hear noises and bumping around in there. At first my doggies freaked, but even they have gotten used to it now. One day I was leaving for work, and I heard a huge crash in there, I went running back there, but not one single thing was out of place. So we have come to the conclusion that he lives in the closet and that he likes having that door shut and the closet relatively clean. We hear the most noises and bumping when I do my quick cleaning (ie, throw all the crap in the closet) and that's also when he is constantly keeping me awake.

Anyway, we went to Charleston, SC in November, and took the ghost tour - when I asked our guide about what is making our ghost be so angry towards us, he suggested that we research those graves and find out who they were and where/how they were killed. He also said that we should talk to the ghost, like he is a part of our family, and that will keep him calm too. So that sounds too weird to me, but hey - we do it and it has seemed to help some. Oh did I mention he's a pervert -- I have been in the shower, and the whole curtain will all of a sudden come flying back -- at first I thought it was my husband, but then it would start happening when he wasn't there. So now I wait until he's home to shower! hehehe - can you hear the 911 call now..."Hello - I was assaulted in the shower by a ghost" hahaha

gphi2k 03-28-2001 03:19 PM


Originally posted by amycat412:
Anyway. my mom gave me a chant to say that is supposed to "banish" any spirit or energy that is not Light and Good and I say it when I get that creepy feeling and it works. Psychological? Maybe.

Phonetically - its -- kadosih kadoish kadoish, atanoy, savayo -- loosely translted (I believe its Latin?) -- that which is not of God is banished.

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Just thought I'd unravel that 'latin' saying It's actually hebrew. I e-mailed Amy to tell her what the actual words are but the phonetics are a little off. It's pretty close tho. I'm not sure if the actual prayer is meant to be used to dispell spirits (I'm not even sure Judiasm believes in spirits), but if if it works, go for it.

Just a little lesson/explanation. I'm done now .

I've had no encounters with the paranormal myself. It'd freak me out too much if I did. Maybe there just aren't any poltergiests up here. They reserve their haunting for South of the 49th parallel .

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amycat412 03-28-2001 03:23 PM


OK, so in the same apartment where I saw the ghost in my kitchen-- one week everynight I came home I noticed a picture frame with a pic of me and a gooood friend from high school was moved. I always left it on the right side of the dresser, I'd come home, it would be on the left side, or in another room completely. So I started thinking...hmmmm...I wonder if something's going on with her.

So I called her, and sure enough, she was having some extreme complications in her pregnancy and her baby was born a week later 2 months early. Fortunately, mother and son are thriving now, but it was so freaky!

carnation 03-28-2001 03:29 PM

Oooo, AXO Alum, those were good.I am so glad that this stuff happens to other people too.

OTW, I remember hearing about a hanging in Hale Aloha but I don't remember which dorm. All this ghost stuff kept coming up when I was there. I heard so many "Night Marcher" stories, especially in Waialae, that I'm surprised I didn't turn gray. Can you tell the board about the Night Marchers?

The college nearest where I live has a lot of "happenings". There's this supposedly haunted church that you can drive out to and on the way, you count 7 bridges; on the way back, you count 6.

Also, I was working in the founder's old garden there once and all of a sudden, I heard terrible screams and these students came running into the garden. When I stood up, it scared them again and they screamed again and strated crying. Seems that they were cleaning up the founder's antebellum home and one teasingly called down the dumbwaiter for the servant (who's been dead since the forties). A creaky old voice answered, "Yessss?"

It was before 8 AM and there was absolutely no one else in the locked house. These students were about the most serious three on campus and they never really got over it.

Unregistered- 03-28-2001 03:41 PM

Ahhh, the night marchers. Growing up I've always thought that it was purely urban legend. And then when Glen Grant came out with his book about true supernatural accounts I became a believer.

The night marchers are a group of spirits that roam restlessly on the earth. They've been known to travel around the North Shore area (near Waimea Falls Park), but then I've heard that they also frequent Moanalua/Pearl Harbor area. Speculation states that the ancient Hawaiians had their different paths around the islands, and they could still be roaming them till this day.

But anyway, if these spirits are disturbed, they can easily take your soul with them back into the underworld. I've always been taught to lay face down when I hear the constant beating of a drum!

The Waialae area is also a very haunted part of Honolulu. Back in the day there was a cemetery, and eventually it got turned into a drive-in (which closed many years ago). It's a very "ritzy" part of town, and the old drive in was eventually turned into a mall, where there have been accounts of a faceless woman in the womens bathroom (a friend of mine saw her in high school). Since then I refuse to go into that bathroom alone!

I don't know why this topic fascinates me as much as it does!

carnation 03-28-2001 04:09 PM

I'm trying to remember what all I heard about the Night Marchers. Some people told me that they would be sitting in their houses and suddenly one door would burst open and they would hear the sound of the marching warriors tramping in perfect rhythm across the room, then the far door would swing open and out they'd go.

No wonder people in Waialae are antsy about ghost stuff.Our Angel Flight unit went trick or treating for UNICEF there and we knocked on one door and this ancient little Asian lady opened it, started screaming, and ran off. Her daughter put it all together--one of our Japanese girls was wearing a white kimono folded right over left, which is apparently what Japanese corpses wear.

Unregistered- 03-28-2001 04:18 PM


Yeah, people in Kaimuki/Waialae area are very sensitve when it comes to the supernatural. The Harding Ave. incident (where the cops got, um, yeah, mutilated) was enough to get a whole neighborhood to keep quiet about things like that.

carnation 03-28-2001 04:36 PM

OTW! Tell us about the Harding Avenue incident!

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