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sigmagrrl 10-09-2000 06:59 AM

Embarassing Rush Stories
Now that recruitment is over for now, does anyone have any embarassing recruitment/new member period stories that happened to them, recently or in the past? I have one...

I was at the preference party for XYZ sorority. They have a particular thing that they do that requires them whispering in your ear. Well, I had no clue this is what she was going to be doing. Me, being a wannabe at that time, thought she was coming in for the double cheek kiss! I KISSED THIS GIRL! I'm sure she looked at me like "She's HITTING ON ME TO GET A BID!!" I still laugh my ass of to this day when I tell this story. I'm laughing now because I still CANNOT BELIEVE I DID THAT! I thought I was this hot shot, fitting into society "upper crust", little did I know I'd end up looking like a freak!!!LOL!!!

33girl 10-09-2000 08:02 AM

My only embarrassing story (probably more embarrassing to me than anyone else) is from being at another org's pref party. There were about 75 of us crammed into a suite, and I was wearing a very heavy sweater over a tank-top dress. I was sweating already - then the CANDLES came out. Imagine a small suite with 75 girls holding candles. Yuck! I think I had to wash my friend's sweater 3 times to get it un-sweatied.

For another org's pref we had to drop a pearl in a bowl of water. I didn't know the bowl had water in it, so I put my hand in the bowl so it wouldn't bounce out. Drip, drip, drip. OOOOOPS.

carnation 10-09-2000 09:03 PM

Well, in an old yearbook there's a really great picture of me as a rushee--I was scratching my nose as I walked into the Theta house but this shot--taken from above--makes me look like I'm holding my nose.

dc1 10-10-2000 11:58 AM

sigmagirl, that is too funny! I do stupid things like that ALL THE TIME! It's taught (somehow this word doesn't look right to me today) me to laugh at myself!

Thanks for the fun post! I needed it today!

juniorgrrl 10-10-2000 01:47 PM

One of the stories that got passed around my Rho Chi group when I went through rush was this:

Kappa serves frozen coffee at their Philanthropy party called Kappacino. And one of the sisteres supposedly said to a rushee "Do you like the coffee?" and the rushee replied "Yes! It tastes like ice cream!" Or so she thought. Apparently somewhere in the message "ice cream" got said or interpreted as "ass." The Kappa sister looked at the girl funny and I don't think she got invited back to KKG.

Q-T Pie 10-10-2000 04:30 PM

LOL I'm laughing with you carnation..These stories are great

carnation 10-10-2000 07:39 PM

Ohmygosh, I started thinking about Sigmagrrl kissing that sorority girl and I started to laugh until I had tears pouring down my face!!My non-Greek husband didn't understand what I was gasping out to him and when they heard it, my teenaged girls were in the floor too. I think this will stay in the family lore for a long time, especially when each of them goes through rush!!!

kappagirl00 10-10-2000 07:58 PM

During the first round of rush, I was a little tense, and at one of the houses I was squeezing my lemonade cup so hard that it went flying and lemonade went EVERYWHERE! It got on me, AND on their couch (Luckily I didn't spill on the girl I was talking to.) Anyway, I left the house just KNOWING I'd get cut. But I didn't! And I'm in that sorority now. So some humiliating rush stories do have happy endings.

Microbiomajor 10-11-2000 12:55 AM

Okay...this happened to one of my sisters this year, and I still crack up thinking about it! We were all wearing white t-shirts for our first rounds, and one of my sisters went up to a group of sisters. (we have 50 women in the suite, and only about 20 prospectives going through each party, so sometimes small groups stand together so we don't overwhelm the guests...anyway)She wrapped her arms around one of them and exclaimed "I am sweating like a beast!" only to discover that the woman was a guest wearing a white shirt and talking to a couple of sisters! The woman never came back to second rounds...we'll always wonder!

AXO Alum 10-11-2000 10:47 PM

Great topic, sigmagrrl! I was at work when I read yours and was in the floor - so of course I had to show others! That is too funny! Here's mine:

During rush on skit night, XYZ did a whole Hee Haw theme complete with hay and a big wagon - Really cute right? Well the sister who was rushing a girl would sit with the girl during the skit - they also served refreshments. Well they brought me a little croissant on a plate with some mustard (which I thought - okay...mustard and a croissant - but I figured why not). I mentioned that I was starving to my "rusher" just as I took a bite out of the croissant. As I was biting she said - oh yeah and the little sausage in the croissant is delicious. Well I am a very strict vegetarian so as I'm biting I hear this and immediately dropped the bite out of my mouth onto the plate!!! I really do have manners - but I just freaked because I really cannot stand the taste of meat after all these years! The poor girl just stared like "okay -etiquette class wouldn't help this one!" It was sooo funny (at least it is now looking back). I mean imagine a child at a fancy restaurant where her parents are trying to be all prim & proper and all of a sudden the child just lets food roll out of her mouth (in typical child "I don't like this yucky stuff" fashion).....too funny!

I knew I was dropping the group that night anyway since I had to make my 2 choices for pref, but I do wonder what would have happened if I had selected them! Let's hear some more - these are great!

"Alpha Chi Omega - If you only had 2 wishes, what would your second one be?"

lifesaver 10-17-2000 09:56 PM

Mind if a guy joins in?

I transfered to my present chapter, so this all happened where I was initiated. Anyway - Here's my story.

I got to college as a freshman, during the few days between dorm move in and the start of classes there wasn't much to do. Anyway, my older sister had just graduated from the same university a few months earlier. Her fiance, Phil was finishing up his senior year, and was a Sigma Chi. I always planned to be a Sigma Chi, because my father was a Sigma Chi. (I met the sigma Chi's and we just didn't hit it off. I totally respect them though. My dad was one of their national officers way back when. (think I didn't get in trouble when I signed with another house?)

Rush at my school was really different, since there were only a few fraternities, each house would throw a big party one night and all greeks would show up to it and so there was 4 days of non-stop parties (ah, those were the days...) anyway, the first just happend to be this one house that I never even heard of. But since I was the tag-along to Phil, I was going whereever he went. (I totally knew NO ONE else on campus and was hating it).

So we go to this first house's party and it seemed really cool but I had the typical media stereotypes in my head of fraternities. I also figures that these guys would be able to tell I was a Sigma Chi legacy and since I was there with Sigma Chi's, they'd want to kick my ass. (I don't know why I thought this, but I did). There were a ton of people there, and a few of the brothers even made eye contact with me, which of course, terified me. I couldn't tear myself from the side of Phil.

Well, I had to go piss. So I made sure no brothers were looking, and darted to the pisser. I am standing there tasking care of buisness and three of the biggest SOB's walk in to the pisser. They were all bothers, and the ones who'd been trying to talk to me all night while I was running around this party trying not to get my ass kicked. Well I was in there by myself, and was completely sure i was about to get my ass done in. the biggest of the guys says, "Hey, we've been trying to get to you all night." in a really mean voice.

I think I said, "ndhijrtjot skrkwkrk!" But who the hell knows. I totally figured I was about to get my clock cleaned. Here I was, my 2nd day at school, and I was going to die. So I decided to suck it up and go down fightin'.

I blurted out, "F**K Ya'll, I can take all three of ya'll on."

There was nothing but silence.

I didn't get hit. I looked around and these guys had the strangest look on their face. The big one says, "Um, we wanted to come say hi and introduce ourselves, I'm Jon, this is Kenneth and he's Brian. Are you having a good time?"

I felt like a total JACKASS!

These guys were really cool, and believe it or not two weeks later they bidded me and years and years later, I am still a proud brother of the house.

The crazy thing is that the big SOB, Jon, ended up being my big brother.

And don't yall know they still remind me of that night EVERY ALUMNI FUNCTION WE HAVE.

My 2 centavos.

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theXgirl 10-19-2000 02:04 AM


Originally posted by lifesaver:
[BI blurted out, "F**K Ya'll, I can take all three of ya'll on."

There was nothing but silence.

I didn't get hit. I looked around and these guys had the strangest look on their face. The big one says, "Um, we wanted to come say hi and introduce ourselves, I'm Jon, this is Kenneth and he's Brian. Are you having a good time?"

I felt like a total JACKASS!

The crazy thing is that the big SOB, Jon, ended up being my big brother.

Oh man, I love it!
X girl

IowaHawkeye 10-19-2000 02:08 AM

Lifesaver.. I read your story on i practically started crying from laughing so hard :-)

theXgirl 10-20-2000 12:34 AM


Originally posted by IowaHawkeye:
Lifesaver.. I read your story on i practically started crying from laughing so hard :-)

What was the story? I went to the website and there were a BUNCH of stories to pick from

X girl

IowaHawkeye 10-20-2000 01:45 AM

Its the same story Lifesaver just posted.. i just first read it at under the greek stories list.. i think he's posted a bunch of stories on there though.... all very funny :-) I'm not sure of the names though.. Lifesaver?

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