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DolphinChicaDDD 06-07-2004 12:59 AM

Delta Roll Call
At the request of some,and I do tend to agree, I've edited out names. So I'll open back up the thread. If you are new, please post here!!

I noticed we don't have an offical introduction thread. So, I stole this lil bit from the ASA board, this way we can get to know who is actually on the board, where they are from, and what not. I'll start first, naturally :)

Status (New Memeber, Acitve, Alumna): Alumna
Chapter: Gamma Omega
Something Unique about your Chapter: Our local sorority was named Alpha Theta Phi
Offices You Hold/Held: Panhellenic delegate
Favorite Memory: I think when we actually found out we could become a national. We had worked so hard to get a fifth sorority on campus, and after we had finally given up hope and the school let us become local, Panhel delegates came to our meeting to announce that they voted us to become national (even without us petetioning).

goldendelta 06-08-2004 08:37 PM

You read my mind DolphinChica!

Staus: Alumna
Chapter: Alpha Alpha
Something Unique About Your Chapter: We are the only Tri Delta chapter on Long Island
Offices Held: Collegiate - President, VP/A, VP/F, VP/M, Panhel Delegate Alumna - Collegaite/Alumni Relations, Alumni Advisor
Favorite Memory - So many! I guess my fav was the day I circled out. It was so sad, but it was such a great day. (And of course helping initiate Gamma Omega!)

3DeltaSupernova 06-24-2004 11:30 PM

Staus: Active
Chapter: Gamma Nu
Something Unique About Your Chapter: When it comes down to it, we can take care of business like no other.
Offices Held: Collegiate - VP/CD & House Manager
Favorite Memory - Helping to initiate seven new members at the end of my freshman year (this year) that we recruited through COB events.
AOL IM: OnlySupernova

DDDmiami 07-05-2004 03:06 PM

Status (New Memeber, Acitve, Alumna): Alumna, Life Loyal
Chapter: Alpha Chi

Favorite Memory: EVERYTHING from convention to activites at the chapter !!
AOL IM: NenaLoca3D

ariadelta 07-19-2004 12:36 AM

Status: Active
Chapter: Epsilon
Something Unique about your Chapter: One of two sororities at our school, possibly TriDeltas smallest chapter
Offices You Hold/Held: None at present
Favorite Memory: Meeting my one of my best friends during pledge class (one of those "we hated eachother until we became sisters and now we're inseperable" things)
AOL IM: ariabellisima

tridelta622 07-25-2004 10:24 PM

Status: Active
Chapter: Phi Chi
Something uniquite about your chapter: Largest sorority on campus.
Offices you hold/held: New Member President, Secretary, Referance chairmen
Favorite Memories: Screaming, cheering and crying after winning sigma nu relays this year!
AOL IM: dixiebelle181 or tridelta622

MUericaDDD 07-30-2004 10:38 AM

Status (New Memember, Active, Alumna): Active
Chapter: Delta Beta
Something Unique about your Chapter: The DB chapter of DDD was the second sorority to be formed on our campus in 1911 (after the Alpha chapter of DZ in 1902!)
Offices You Hold/Held: None yet!
Favorite Memory: Our photo "scavenger" hunt uptown during the sleepover and most of the chapter eventually ending up at Delta Chi's beach party.
AOL IM: ericajill15

schigh 09-20-2004 02:51 AM

Status: Active
Chapter: Phi Rho
Something Unique about your Chapter: We are awesome!!!
Offices You Hold/Held: VPCD, Sponsor Chair
Favorite Memory: As a new member, driving to Palm Springs for spring break with 4 girls from my pledge class, and a senior. We had a blast!!
AOL IM: perfectdark1204

Delta Tri am I 10-08-2004 02:07 PM

Status: Alumna
Chapter: Phi Gamma
Something unique about your chapter: It closed after I graduated-- I'm still upset about it!!
Offices you hold/held: Philanthropy chair
Favorite Memories: EVERYTHING!!!!!

I'm a new member of GC and I thought I'd say a quick hi to my sisters! Can't wait to get to know you all!!!!

Delta Love and mine,

JupiterTC 10-08-2004 05:16 PM

Status: Alumna
Chapter: Epsilon Delta
Something unique about your chapter: It's brand new! Our installation was Nov. 20th.
Favorite Memories: Definitely the installation banquet, and receiving warm welcomes from the school and Tri Delta.
AOL IM: JupiterTC

*edited, because I'm no longer a new member* :)

*edited yet again, because I'm offically an alumna member*

miss_rosey 10-18-2004 02:21 AM

Status (New Memeber, Acitve, Alumna): Alumna
Chapter: Theta Delta (closed, sadly)
Something Unique about your Chapter: The add on for our house was done by the first female graduate of University of Oregon's school of architechture, and there are 99 Deltas in the design of the building.
Offices You Hold/Held: Panhellenic Judicial Chair
Favorite Memory: When my sisters sent cards and flowers after my mom died.
AOL IM: Poppie3030

kricket 10-19-2004 01:22 AM

Status (New Memeber, Acitve, Alumna): Alumna
Chapter: Gamma Theta
Something Unique about your Chapter: Gamma Theta is currently helping Tri Delta colonize at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (UCSB is really close to Cal Poly)
Offices You Hold/Held: Treasurer
Favorite Memory: so many good memories...probably just having all the girls there for me when my mom was sick and my exboyfriend died.
AOL IM: PenguinKrista (I also have a second AOL IM but don't use as much: AlwaysTriDelta)

lellyclaire23 11-04-2004 01:31 AM

Im active.
My chapter is Phi Phi.
As of right now im assistant treasurer but we're about to do slating so who knows what i'll be next semester.
All my memories are great! I love everyone and my sisters are awesome.

Manda903 02-02-2005 01:12 PM

Status: Active
Chapter: Beta Epsilon
I also just transfered chapters from Gamma Phi to Beta Epsilon. These girls have been AMAZING. I have only been here a couple of weeks, and I feel so welcome. I am so blessed that my transfer process went so well.

DolphinChicaDDD 02-06-2005 10:25 PM

Lots of new Deltas!!

Welcome to the board ladies!!:D

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