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tcsparky 03-28-2002 09:40 PM

Girls on the Verge
I have this book, and really loved the research the author did all over the country. I had to ask myself, too, if she didn't take a spot somone else would have done anything for. As I read her account, I could see her becoming more and more pulled into the scene, and beginning to care about who she got invited back to. She actually seemed excited to get her bid from a group she liked. I felt kinda sad for her that she was able to see the realness of the whole thing, but then had to leave. Maybe one day she'll become an Alumna Initiate!!

KerriMarie 03-29-2002 01:02 AM

I'm an eccentric theatre major who never ever saw myself in a sorority, but here I am, and loving it... I'm sorry that your friend didn't give it more of a chance. Maybe she would have enjoyed it, and maybe she would have been a great addition to a house.

dzandiloo 03-29-2002 01:20 AM

Hello all...I'm new to GC, but this subject intrigued me enough to join. I was a chapter consultant, and will have to go digging into the archives of my brain for some of those stories, but I do have one from when I was rush chair...

There was a really cute, smart girl going through rush, and everyone really liked her, but she kept asking questions about parties, etc., and probing into whether we had any problems with alcohol/drug abuse at our functions. MInd you, DZ had one of the strictest risk management programs around, so we were a little wary, but answered her questions honestly. Later that night, we found out that she was only taking 9 hours, and she had to be dropped from Rush (our campus required 10 hours).

We would see her on campus occassionally, and tell her that maybe if we did informal in the Spring--she could come to an informal rush party...she seemed interested, but wasn't hanging out with any of us otherwise. Come to find out, very late in the semester, there was a huge drug bust on campus--and she was in the middle of it. No, not a druggie, but an undercover cop! She was going through rush ON ASSIGNMENT!!!! At first, I was very angry, but later realized that if she had pledged DZ, she would have had a very, very boring semester as a narc (we were frighteningly by the book in those days), but she would have had a great time as a sister!

BTW-the people she ended up busting were those bad, bad independents with no one holding their leash! Greeks for once came out squeaky clean. :)

Optimist Prime 03-29-2002 06:39 PM


Originally posted by volgirl2376 are blowing my mind with those numbers :D

Optimist Prime 03-29-2002 06:39 PM


Originally posted by KerriMarie
I'm an eccentric theatre major who never ever saw myself in a sorority, but here I am, and loving it... I'm sorry that your friend didn't give it more of a chance. Maybe she would have enjoyed it, and maybe she would have been a great addition to a house.
Me too :)

MoxieGrrl 04-05-2002 10:29 PM

Hmm....let's see: Weird rush stories....I haven't been on here since our chapter's recruitment, so I'm sure I have quite a few from this year.

There is a "theater" girl who is a good friend of girls in my house. She's a senior who didn't go through recruitment her freshman year. Because she's a bit eccentric, a lot of the women in other houses do not really talk to her. So, this girl decides to go through recruitment and see how people treat her.

Well, we knew she was going through recruitment for a joke, so we were extremely tolerant. Women in other houses apparently really sugary sweet to her. Unfortunately, Kate found it insulting. So, she confronted them with all of their hazing front of PNMs. (And for the record, the hazing is true. It doesn't take a genius to figure that XYZ pledges are being hazed when they dress like babies to go the cafe.) The sisters in the house got really defensive and insulting back. Apparently, it was not a good scene at the end of the round.

I guess going through recruitment as a joke just doesn't work out a lot....

Oh's another one. There is a sorority who is tops on our campus. They are such put together, nice girls. Well, maybe not behind closed doors.

One of the sisters in my house lives in a suite with a girl from this sorority (ABC). The girls from ABC said that after an event, some of the sisters started yelling at the others saying that they didn't "act enough." Act enough?! The girl from ABC said that some of the crimes committed of not "acting enough" were not laughing at a PNM's joke, eating more than one cracker, and...(oh god, it's the best)....not giving the desired response. Apparently, they were playing this game where they had to ask, "Would you rather do this or that?" When the PNM answered (no matter what), they were supposed to say "Oh my God! Me too!" and do this hand motion thing. Some of the ABC sisters were soo mad that sisters weren't doing it, they went off. And it started a fist fight. Yeah, that's right....a fist fight.

Well, they must have "acted enough"...they reached quota!

Sometimes I feel like my school is crazyland.


ZTAngel 04-06-2002 07:12 PM


Originally posted by Tibi
This is from my rushee perspective this past fall: It was round two, house tour day. I was at XYZ on the ECU campus and it was my second party (of 7) of the day. Everything was going well, the girl that was rushing me was nice but flaky and seemed really nervous. When we got to a table where they had ice water in crystal goblets being served I accepted one. As we headed into the living room to talk, the girl looked at me and said "Oh my god, I just remembered something soooo funnyfrom yesterday!" I said "Oh really?" and she replies: "Yeah, hehehe, yesterday, we forgot to wash the glasses between parties! We were just sooooo busy!" Hehehe!". I said ," Wow, that is funny" but I was really grossed out. I was like WHY on earth would you tell someone that, and why on earth didn't you guys use plastic cups or water bottles if you didn't have anyone in the kitchen. Needless to say, I didn't drink any more water at that house! My feet stuck to the floor in sme areas of the house too, it was just an icky experience. I had no intention of joining XYZ but that definitely cemented it. I dropped them that day. Glad we didn't have an outbreak of hepatitis!
Ew! That's really gross! And people wonder why everyone ends up with colds after recruitment.....hmmmm........

kddani 06-04-2002 04:52 PM

I'm new to Greek Chat and had to add my stories to it....
One girl, who was very sweet but totally did not fit into my house, came to our rush parties and ALL she talked about was her job at Bob Evans (a chain restaurant). She would say" I had to work at Bob Evans last night so i'm tired ..... if i join, will it interfere with my job at Bob Evans...? When asked if she knew a lot of people on campus, she said "no, i just hang out with the people from Bob Evans a lot". Of course, we cut her, and she ended up going to another sorority. I sure hope they all got discounts at Bob Evans.
Another girl rushed us two years in a row, and we offered a bid two years in a row. We figured that something may have happened or she hadnt' been ready the first time. We liked her alot. Well, another one of her friends pledged, and a few months later, this sister calls me (i was on council and the person everyone went to with questions about stuff) and said that that girl wanted to accept her bid now! A few months later!??????????? Of course we told her that wasn't possible.... the rush (which was informal) she came to ALL of our parties until we had to do cuts. Then she was SO upset that we didn't give her an invite to pref. We found out that she had said no the first two times because she wouldn't be able to spend enough time with her boyfriend. WHen she wanted to bid, it was because her boyfriend had broken up with her!
Another girl wore a short dress, and we could see up her skirt the whole time!
I probably have some others, i just can't remember right now

FuzzieAlum 06-04-2002 05:39 PM

I thought a bid was good for one year from when it was issued ... if they never explicitly turned it down, they could accept it any time during that year.

carnation 06-04-2002 06:11 PM

If bids are good for a year, does that mean that a sorority has to pin down a girl to say yea or nay? It seems like they'd do that so they could bid someone else if the girl hadn't made up her mind.

aephi alum 06-04-2002 06:56 PM

Bids weren't good for a year at my school, at least for formal rush. In my day, rush was in the fall; bid day was Tuesday, and you had until Friday afternoon to decide. If you didn't sign by then, it was an implicit decline of the bid. You were still bound not to join another sorority for a year.

For informal rush, bids were good for a long time, but if a girl didn't say yes or no within a couple of weeks, we'd put the pressure on her (in a nice way - like "Our new member program is six weeks, so if you don't sign within the week, you can't be initiated until next semester"). We did have a sister whom we bid in the spring; she took the entire summer to decide, and wound up pledging with our fall-rush new member class.

MUPhiMuKHap 06-04-2002 08:46 PM

An accident...but NOT a car accident!
Kinda long...sorry!!!

So this last fall when I was going through rush I really had no idea what to expect. On our first day we had 14 parties and two breaks, so during the first break, around lunchtime I decide to head back to my dorm to breathe for a minute! So I'm walking back with this girl whom I had met in my rush group and we were chatting and whatnot and then she leaves to go her seperate way. And I LOOK at her as she walks away and I see her make a point to step over this little foot and a half high brick wall (I still to this day don't know the purpose of that dumb wall!!) in front of our dorm. So I see her do that, but do I bother to look where I'm going? OF COURSE NOT!!! So I just completely fall over this little wall thing and end up all over the sidewalk. Fortunately NO ONE was outside the dorm to see me do this, but then I had to walk all the way to the third floor with blood EVERYWHERE. So when I finally examine my wounds I feel nauseous, bruises are already forming on both legs and knees, and on my left leg right above my foot til about the middle of my shin there are these two huge deep bleeding scratches. Gross gross gross. So here I am looking like some kind of war victim and I still have half of the very first day of rush to go! Well my PX tries her best to clean me up but all the cuts just won't quit bleeding, plus it was like 105 degrees out and I can barely walk, I was in SUCH a bad mood I just wanted to cry!. Miraculously, the rest of the afternoon goes fairly smooth anyway, but then I get to XYZ sorority, my last party of the day. The girl who picks me up seems really nice and she was until we were sitting down. Then she looks down at my leg and exclaims REALLY loudly "Eww!! Did you get in like a car wreck or something? That looks horrible!" And then as though that's not bad enough she calls over several sisters to look at it, it was soooooo mortifying. I know it was nasty but I COULDN'T help it, I tried my best to cover it up and sheesh, no need for such harsh comments! Needless to say, I cut this house after the first day!!!

:D :rolleyes:

maggieaxid 06-05-2002 09:46 AM

When I was a rush chair and the head rho chi for my school, a girl had up to 48 hours to sign her bid card. Then the sorority had the option of taking away her bid and giving it to someone else if they chose to. I don't know how informal rush goes though with bids.

FuzzieAlum 06-05-2002 12:50 PM

I guess I must have been thinking of informal bids ... I know girls who got them and deferred a semester.

33girl 06-05-2002 03:08 PM


Originally posted by FuzzieAlum
I guess I must have been thinking of informal bids ... I know girls who got them and deferred a semester.
This was our deal...

if we offered an open bid, you had 48 hours to SIGN it. However, once you signed it, if for whatever reason ($$, time etc) you decided you did not want to start pledging that semester you could wait till next semester.

I think groups used to do this with student athletes to "lock them in" (and vice versa) so no one else snatched them up. That way they didn't have to pledge during their sports season (i.e. give a tennis player a bid in the spring and she waits till fall to pledge). NPC doesn't really encourage it, but it is permissible.

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