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carnation 02-01-2002 06:35 PM

Hey, Lauren! Finish the story, please! Did the porch girl pledge anthing? Did the ex-sister go KD?;)

maggieaxid 02-01-2002 09:45 PM

Apparently at my former college there is a PNM going through rush (rush is right now, and bid day is tommorow!) who is walking around with a picture of herself and two XYZ girls (i dont want to reveal the GLO) as her name tag. Apparently, among the rho chis and most of the other chapters she has been deemed "XYZ Girl". And it seems that all she does is talk about this particular house when she goes to other houses. I guess we'll find out where she ends up tommorow!

carnation 02-01-2002 11:21 PM


KillarneyRose 02-01-2002 11:55 PM

Cut the Witch!
Maggie, you better let us know where she ends up! This is mean, but I hope it's anywhere but XYZ (or, of course, AZD! :) )

hannahgirl 02-02-2002 04:56 PM

so....we had this girl that decided that she was going to go through spring recruitment last year.....she came to one of our COB events and we did not invite her back because she did not have grades. She came through again in the fall....and she kept saying how much she wanted to be a DG because her boyfriend was a Phi Delt. She again did not have grades so we cut her. Well, my twin sis in the sorority was a PX at the time and this girl was in her group. When we did not invite her back, she told our PX that she was going to bring up a lawsuit against us because we were discriminating against her disability. We were like....umm she didn't have grades. Luckily, nothing became of the situation.

chopper816 02-02-2002 05:03 PM

that is very odd for rush. Ive never encountered anything like that during rush, interesting story though!

33girl 02-02-2002 07:21 PM

My wager on some of these girls who act completely whacked out during rush (like mute girl) is that they are only doing it because their mom/dad/boyfriend/sibling nagged them into it. They want no part of the Greek life but they don't have the balls to say they sabotage themselves. Then they can go to whoever wanted them to do it and say "well I tried, but I didn't get in...oh well." Kind of like Megan on Felicity being all Gothed out and then going home to her parents wearing Laura Ashley. :D

pbpck 02-02-2002 10:34 PM


Originally posted by lauren1874
Of course, all she said was, "I don't wanna be here; you don't have to talk to me and pretend to be nice. I'm going KD."

Crazy, crazy people....


Haha. There was a rushee that uttered a similar statement to one of our actives. She looked at my sister and said "Don't bother trying to talk to me, I am going Kappa." Lo and behold, she did not get a Kappa bid. Since our house is such a well respected house on campus, she now has been relegated to an obsequious XYZ that do I put this...."kisses up" to every sister of our house. Funny that she should end up dating a guy from a fraternity that basically is best friends with our chapter. So she is doing double time. She sincerely is a nice girl, but man, arrogance can ruin you in rush.

newbie 02-02-2002 10:40 PM


Originally posted by lauren1874
This is going to sound absolutely insane, but I swear it's true! To the best of my knowledge it's on record as an incident with my university. It's also a very long story, so consider yourself forewarned.

Two of my sisters, Melanie and MJ, have been BEST friends since they were really little; they got here and moved in together and went through rush together and both ended up going Sigma Kappa. Well, at rush retreat the summer before our sophomore year started, they were looking at the list of girls going through rush that fall and discovered that there was a girl going through who was going to be sharing an apartment with them (at my school all but two of the residence halls are full apartments with kitchens, bathrooms, at least two bedrooms). So they thought, "cool, maybe she'll go Sigma Kappa and we'll all live together!". The girl's name was Lindsey something.

So they move in, and Lindsey moves in, and it's just the three of them, Melanie and MJ sharing a room and Lindsey by herself in the other room. She makes herself quite a presence, always hanging around them but not saying anything. MJ has a habit of sitting on the bathroom counter in her underwear in the morning putting on her makeup before she gets dressed (she's about 4'11"!) -- Lindsey would get up early, get fully dressed, eat breakfast, and come in the bathroom and just stand there and watch MJ get ready in the mornings. Talk about creepy!

This girl was the kind of girl who you don't stereotypically expect to want to rush -- she was kind of manly, with a really deep, gruff voice, and wore the same flannel shirt and jeans almost every day -- and she didn't seem all that interested in being socially connected with any group of people. But rush she did. She lacked social grace, to say the least, and positive interaction with other human beings didn't seem to be one of her stronger skills. This was back when we still had only three houses on campus -- she was cut from all three the first night. So Melanie and MJ get home that night and the girl is sitting in the living room IN THE DARK. When they open the door she says, in that low voice, "You guys cut me from your fu*king sorority." Melanie and MJ hadn't even rushed her that night -- they explained to her that they'd had nothing to do with it, but she wouldn't hear anything of it. So then she disappeared and they didn't see her for the rest of the week.

Friday, Bid Day, came, and all the sororities were singing and marching down to the chapel for running out the doors. The Dean of Student Affairs stopped Melanie and MJ and told them he needed to speak to them in their apartment immediately. So they go up there and he asks if they've seen Lindsey since Monday. Of course they haven't, and so he proceeds to tell them what's been going on.

Friday morning at about 7:30, when the student center opened, Lindsey had gone down to get breakfast. The woman working at the breakfast bar asked "How are you today?" and Lindsey replied, "Fine. I'm gonna kill my roommates today." The cafeteria lady was like "Ooookay..." and mentally made a note to report the incident. Next Lindsey went to the student information desk to buy stamps, and the girl working there was an ADPi. Lindsey said to her "Do you know Melanie ___ and MJ ___?" The ADPi girl said, "Sure, I do! They are such sweet girls!" Lindsey looked at her for a minute and replied, "They're my roommates. I'm going to kill them today because they cut me from their fu*king sorority." So the ADPi girl reports this as well, and the Dean has two reports that this girl is going to kill her roommates. They cross-reference Melanie and MJ, figure out who the girl is saying this, and find Melanie and MJ and let them know.

So Bid Day goes off without a hitch, and after Sigma Kappa gets back from treating its new members to a night of pizza and bowling, MJ decides to go stay at her boyfriend's house, and Melanie decides to stay at their apartment, since Lindsey has never come back. Melanie goes to bed and locks the door just to be sure.

Now this is the part you won't believe. But I PROMISE it happened!

Melanie wakes up in the middle of the night to hear her doorknob rattling. She's sitting in bed thinking "Oh my GOD, this girl is INSANE!" Finally Lindsey gets the door open and she's standing there in Melanie's room holding a screwdriver. Now, I probably would have sat in bed shaking and contemplating my last moments -- but Melanie jumps out of bed and yells "What the f*ck are you doing, you psycho bitch??" to which Lindsey replies, "I'm going to kill you for cutting me from your f*cking sorority," very calmly, and Melanie screams "F*ck you!" and runs past her and locks her in the bedroom before Lindsey knows what's going on. The campus police ended up taking her away, and she got kicked out of school. Not long after that Melanie and MJ got an apartment OFF campus. :)

Can you BELIEVE that??? I promise that's a true story!!! It's become a chapter legend.

Oh my god!! :eek: I'm glad those two girls are all right!!

pbpck 02-02-2002 11:11 PM

These are getting more hysterical by the minute.

This one was quite traumatic for me. Understand that I am rather reserved when it comes to female bodily functions. I have a few words that can not be used in my presence for they will induce nausea. That said...

I had a rushee that was absolutely smitten with our chapter on Philanthropy night. She gushed about how we were all so gorgeous and all so funny and nice. I accept that as a compliment and continue with the conversation with a simple "Thank you." She then tells me about how she talked to one of my sisters who was so down to earth. For some reason we couldn't get the air on in our rush room for spirit night and it was incredibly hot the night before. So she tells me about how they were both sweating and and the rushee told my sister that she sweats a lot and sometimes she uses panty liners in the pits of her T-shirts to absorb the sweat. :eek: I think I physically shuddered at the use of that word. I was mortified for her and the situation. I just stammered "Oh. What a great idea!"

All my friends know about the words they can't use around me. So when I told them not only did this rushee talk to me about her sweating problem, she said the word PANTY LINER during rush. They were hysterical and commended me for maintaining composure. Oh man!

I can't believe the audacity of some of these rushees that I am reading about!

TriDeltaGal 02-03-2002 12:25 AM

pbpck, What school do you go to? I have a friend who is a pi phi at San Diego State and I think you are in the Southern California area. Do you go there?

ZetaLuvBunny 02-03-2002 12:43 AM

We had Spring Rush Workshop today, and our Recruitment Chair told us something that happened to her last Spring...

Apparently a PNM asked her if she could borrow her cell phone to call her boyfriend, and after my sister told her no, the PNM said she need to talk to her in the bathroom. The bathroom in the chapter room is divided by two parts; one with just the sinks, and another with the toilet. So anyhow the PNM takes my sister into the sink area, locks the door behind her, grabs her cell phone, shoves my sister into the toilet room & stands in front of the door so she can't get out. She calls her boyfriend while my sister is locked in the bathroom, and two other sisters had to go find a key to "rescue" her.

Another story was told about a girl who wanted to go either ZTA or AXO during Formal rush, but she ended up not recieving a bid at all. She got so pissed that she threatened to BOMB (yes...BLOW UP!) the two chapter rooms!!!!! She never followed through with her threat, though.

pbpck 02-04-2002 12:11 AM


Originally posted by TriDeltaGal
pbpck, What school do you go to? I have a friend who is a pi phi at San Diego State and I think you are in the Southern California area. Do you go there?
Nope...check your PMs.

FuzzieAlum 02-04-2002 01:07 AM

Ok, what about crazy stories from the rushers side? Where the sisters and not the rushees were acting nuts?

The worst thing I heard as an undergrad was a story from one of my sisters who went through rush the year after me. She walked into the first party for sorority X and the first thing the girl said to her was, "Those are really ugly shoes."

BUT - worse story, thank god from after I graduated. Apparently we had a sister who thought that polite small talk at rush was a restriction on her "free speech" and so she would deliberately talk about porn and politics and anything basically that rushees don't want to hear about. Needless to say, she is no longer a member.

AXiD4Life 02-04-2002 02:23 AM

This is nothing in comparison to the screwdriver-wielding psycho story, but it's all I've got. This past Rush, a girl went through, I'll call her Amy. Amy was unusual, to say the least. The very first night she managed to insult two sisters and I on three separate incidents. The first incident happened when we were asking the PNM's about themselves and their hobbies. One of the PNM's said that she played the piano, and so I said, "Oh, that's cool. My sister Jen here plays several instruments, you guys have something in common!" to which Amy replied, "Oh, how sweet! You two are both band geeks!" Mahuh? Anyway, trying to blow it off as a bad attempt at a joke, we tried to move on. I tend to talk a little fast when I'm nervous, so she told me that I sounded like I had "too much sugar and not enough sleep." Thanks. Her last slam is escaping my mind at the moment, but the next day when she came back, we were all wearing matching polo's and black pants, and she said, "Why are you all wearing matching outfits? Is this some sort of sorority ritual? Do you guys, like, sit around and watch sappy movies and cry together too? Whatever." Needless to say, Amy got cut and luckily everyone that got insulted by her were able to laugh off her comments!

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