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amanda6035 10-19-2007 05:27 PM

SPSU Sigma Nu Goat Night Dance 2007
They won first place. Thought y'all might like to see the video.

banditone 10-21-2007 10:56 PM


Ok, in case anyone else is confused. This is from Southern Poly State University.

and I found this:

Goat Night is a very unique event put on by the InterGreek Council of SPSU. It is a competition amongst the Fraternities and Sororities that occurs one night each October. Some of the events include: eating and drinking contest, improv, song and dance, best design of a banner for SPSU Basketball, and interview with a goat, in which each organization must bring in a live goat and conduct an interview. Of course the night is usually full of laughs.

Denney448 10-12-2008 07:39 PM

Hey, I am a brother from the Iota Pi chapter at SPSU and i can explain this a little bit better.
Began in 1972, Goat Day was started. One campus legend had it that some years earlier, a member of the previous administration had become so frustrated that one day he tied up a goat near the administration building on campus. During this time there was a Goat Shed on campus. The beginning celebrations of Goat Day was a Bar-B-Que, Miss Southern Tech pageant, and a dance in the evening. The goal was to strengthen the level of faculty, staff, and student fraternization.

Today, we keep that tradition much of the same. Though we are not having a Bar-B-Que this year, we are carrying on the dance, but in a different way. Goat Night starts on Monday with a Banner Competition, Wednesday Day we are having a Penny War – The money raised will be going to American Red Cross Hurricane Relief. Wednesday Night there will be the Famous Eating Competition, Skit, & Dance!

-Song and Dance: 30%
-Interview a Goat: 20% - "Chapters must have something representing a goat. It can be a real goat or someone dressed up as a goat or a paper cut out of a goat. Just have something."
-Banner: 20% - "Banners must incorporate basketball, SPSU, your chapter, Goat Night, and the semester."
-Improv: 15% - "Improv will consist of two events. 1st is the props and second is topic."
-Eating and drinking: 15% - 6 Krystals and frozen margarita
-Points deducted for: Bashing other fraternities or sororities or incorporating non-Greeks into the events.

Hope this helps.
Sigma Nu Iota Pi 448

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