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QLB817 09-07-2017 11:45 AM

Woof! Wonderful furry dog recruitment "tail"
What's better than some cute pups to represent the 5 sororities at my daughter's school during her recruitment?

Official recruitment events start next week. She had the Panhellenic Info session and next up is a full Meet the Greeks event for all the social fraternities and sororities on campus. (She's supposed to go get froyo after with her Rho Chi and recruitment group as well.) She's had interactions already with some of the sororities and actives through her orientation and welcome week activities and two groups keep popping up to the top of the list.

So we have -

Labrador Retrievers
Great Danes
Basset Hounds
German Shepherds

(I picked bigger breeds that we've actually owned over the years, so no specific references to personalities of the dogs to personalities of the chapters!)

Labs - Her freshman welcome week leader was a Lab and she adores this girl. At the Panhellenic meeting, they toured the chapter suites and daughter was quite impressed with the comfort factor of the suite. She said the study area was definitely some place she could be happy to regularly use with her sisters. The other Labs she's met are also very much typical personalities to her regular friend group and she feels she could find a home with them pretty well so far. She's also a huge fan of their philanthropy, as our family has a personal connection to that as well. So far the Labs are probably tied for 1st/2nd for her.

Great Danes - This group has been the most visible overall to her. She's met several different actives through the campus events and all have been very personable to her. They are fairly diverse and daughter feels she could easily find her place among them. Our cousin and a couple of family friends are also members of the Danes at other schools (or alumnae). She's got 3-4 recs for the Danes because of this. Currently tied for 1st/2nd with the Labs.

Bulldogs - She hasn't met too many of these girls. They have a good enough rep and the few she has met have been nice. However, my stepson dated a girl from this chapter (I think she graduated) and she was a bit on the crazy and controlling side, so I'm having to remind my daughter to keep an open mind and don't judge the whole group by one.

Basset Hounds - The newest addition to the campus (within the last couple of years I think?) and don't really have a lot of history or chapter culture in place yet. Sweet girls though and daughter says seems to be pretty diverse, but none of the ones she's met so far have really clicked with her. She's definitely keeping an open mind about them though. (I'm kind of pushing that more with this group than others because I know the new factor makes them less polished with recruiting right now. I told her to give them a little leeway for that.)

German Shepherds - She says these girls are nice, at least the ones she met. She also really liked their suite as well. She's worried to have this group as a favorite though, because they are very proud of the group GPA and seem to be more strict with PNM GPA than the other groups. Daughter is not at the very low end of the scale, but average. She's still going to try and win them over with personality, but understanding she might be cut from them pretty early on. Currently she'd probably list them 3rd, but we will see.

First night of parties is next week with Philanthropy night. I'm not sure if they narrow from 5 to 3 or 4 after that.

naraht 09-07-2017 11:50 AM

Looking forward to the rest of the Tail!

chi-o_cat 09-08-2017 10:20 AM

I hope her recruitment is not "ruff"!

QLB817 09-15-2017 12:31 PM

Round one is in the books!

One of daughter's HS friends is also going through recruitment, so she went to the friend's house to get ready. She did send a pic to me so I could see how cute she looked. Her friend is in a different recruitment group, but she knows at least one or two of the girls in her own group, so that helps with nerves some. (She recently started dating a guy and he's in a frat already. He's also been REALLY good at being supportive and helping calm her nerves. I have the sneaking suspicion too that he might be talking her up to some of the actives he knows about her, since he's local to the area. He's not pushing her to any particular, so I'm kinda happy to see him be sweet and supportive. He said he never realized sorority recruitment was so complicated and stressful.)

Parties started at 6 and she finished up her ranking at 11:30. So she's already tired this morning. No call from her Rho Chi, so she gets at least one invite back tonight. They were instructed to pick 4 to put down (in no specific order) and they can be invited back to up to those 4.

So in her order of personal rank -
Labrador Retrievers
This group became her favorite. She said they were the sweetest and most welcoming. She felt very comfortable with all the girls she met. She has no problem seeing herself fit in with them. Their main philanthropy is also her favorite still.

These girls really surprised her at how much she ended up liking them. She expected them to be in the top 4, but not at #2. They made her feel very welcome. All very genuine ladies and seem like a great group. I think she's also glad she didn't go in there with any pre-existing view that the whole group would be just as crazy as her stepbrother's ex was. LOL

Great Danes
She still really likes this group as well. Their philanthropy is also a big draw because she feels it is also personally relevant. The girls are sweet and she can easily see herself with this group as well.

Basset Hounds
She thinks these girls are very sweet. The group dynamic still isn't as cohesive as the other more established groups though. She went in thinking they would probably be her number 5 group, but they were friendly and welcoming enough to beat out the German Shepherds. Although the Basset Hounds are not her favorite, she says getting a bid from them wouldn't ruin her day, since she thinks she could find her place and maybe help with building the chapter during her time as an active.

German Shepherds
This group is one of the older and stronger ones on campus and apparently are very desired by many of the PNMs. Daughter had them at #3 from the informal events and their known reputation. Daughter's friend had started recruitment with a strong desire to like them as well. However, individually, they both completely agreed that this was not the place for them. Daughter said the minute she walked in, she felt overwhelmed and the girls had a very boisterous fake persona going. Almost like they were trying too hard. The group is very pretty and smart overall, and many of the PNMs are still crushing hard for them, but my daughter said nope, these are not the kind of girls I think I can consider to be sisters. (And this right there confirms yet again that my daughter is way too often my little mini-me. I had a sorority at my campus that was very similar. They were the favorite for so many, but from the second I walked in the door, I knew that I wasn't going back there. I didn't get an invite back from them and was quite relieved.)

My daughter says that the speed dating analogy is the absolute perfect description of the first round at least. Everything moves so fast. She also had one active who was a bit shy, but they both bonded a bit over the fact that they both tended to be introverted when they were in uncertain situations and that they both were super nervous about recruitment. I had told her that the actives, especially the newer ones, were likely going to be just as nervous as she was in this process. I think that little interaction emphasized it to her very well.

She will be home from class soon to get ready. Invite pickups are in a few hours. Outfit is ready to go and she did some prep this morning before class.

kitekat 09-15-2017 01:32 PM

Oh I do love this theme! How many more round are left? I cant wait to hear the rest :)

QLB817 09-15-2017 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by kitekat (Post 2441789)
Oh I do love this theme! How many more round are left? I cant wait to hear the rest :)

Round 2 tonight - Sisterhood (up to 4 invites)
Round 3 tomorrow - Pref (up to 2 invites)
Sunday - Bid day

QLB817 09-15-2017 05:03 PM

Ouch, sometimes cuts can really hurt! Daughter got her invite list for Round Two.

Bulldogs and Basset Hounds

She's a little sad that the Labradors didn't invite her back, but it seems like cuts were a bit rough on quite a few. Daughter's HS friend only got one invite back( Basset Hounds). Another girl in her group didn't get any invites and there were some tears in other groups.

Her first party is a little later. She asked if I'd bring her Chunky Monkey while she waits. (We live 10 minutes away from campus.) I'm thinking about it, but I'd want to take tons of wet wipes just in case. 😊

QueenD 09-16-2017 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by QLB817 (Post 2441804)
Ouch, sometimes cuts can really hurt! Daughter got her invite list for Round Two.

Bulldogs and Basset Hounds

She's a little sad that the Labradors didn't invite her back, but it seems like cuts were a bit rough on quite a few. Daughter's HS friend only got one invite back( Basset Hounds). Another girl in her group didn't get any invites and there were some tears in other groups.

Her first party is a little later. She asked if I'd bring her Chunky Monkey while she waits. (We live 10 minutes away from campus.) I'm thinking about it, but I'd want to take tons of wet wipes just in case. 😊

I would say she had a good day! She got cut by the house at the bottom of her list, which is good because maximizing options doesn't mean agonizing about taking a bid from a house she dislikes, and she has 2 of her top 4. I've known folks who would utterly be thrilled with such results for day 1. Well done!

QLB817 09-16-2017 10:46 AM

Daughters first party for Round Two was theBasset Hounds . Now this was the group she thought the girls were sweet, but wasn't sure she clicked. I got a text right after the party and she said "Mom! I think the Basset Hounds just captured my heart!" Apprently the party had gone very well and the talks about sisterhood and why they felt their group was so special really resonated with her. Seems like we see it often, where someone's last pick turns out to be a lot better than expected once the fog of rush crushes starts to dissipate. (I also personally think the actives are often very good at inviting back the girls they know would fit better than the PNMs are at being able to judge each group objectively.) I'm really glad daughter kept an open mind about these girls. Newer groups can have a tough time getting through those first few recruitment cycles and too many PNMs just don't give them a fair look.

Party two was with the Bulldogs. She already really liked this group and the party just continued that. She thinks she could easily be happy as a Bulldog. We had a very odd coincidence yesterday with the Bulldogs too. One of the younger daughters was cleaning out her closet and found a t-shirt that had somehow mistakenly ended up in there. Turned out to be a formal t-shirt from when the stepbrother had gone to formal a couple of years ago with one of the Bulldogs. I'm not a big believer in signs, but it kinda cracked me up.

Daughter and I were talking this morning. She didn't get a call from her Rho Chi, so she will have at least one invite to pref today. I asked if she had any clue how she would rank later if she got.invited back to both. She said she has no idea. She likes them both a lot and would be very happy with a bid from either.

She is supposed to go pick up invites in a couple hours. I'll update next when we know if she has one or two parties left!

QueenD 09-16-2017 01:04 PM

What a great situation going into pref!

QLB817 09-16-2017 01:46 PM

So begins Round 3/Pref.

In a very odd twist, Pref Parties are this afternoon. I hadn't ever seen that, so I was surprised. But daughter texted after invite pickup. I was hoping for her to get invites back to both groups, but only one asked her back.


She is very happy still, since she does really like the Bulldogs. I guess it makes deciding easy for her too. Really crossing my fingers that she doesn't get a call later tonight and she gets a bid tomorrow. I know she will be happy with the Bulldogs and I hope they feel that way too.

QLB817 09-17-2017 07:04 AM

Pref went very well for daughter. She was picked up by the girl she spoke to on Sisterhood night and had bonded with over some common interests. She said this girl and all the others were just fantastic. She cried with their ritual. Some of the actives and PNMs were talking about Bid Day. One of the actives said that she had received her bid in the Spring Informal Recruitment, so this would be her first Bid Day. The actives were all talking that while they hoped the PNMs would be running home to the Bulldogs, that they would be super happy for the PNMs to get to run home to any of the groups. My daughter told them "This is where I want to run home for sure."

Prior to recruitment, the Bulldogs were #4 in her mind, but I think she saw how keeping an open mind was really good. It helped her see how fantastic (most) of the groups were for her and how she could fit in their sisterhood in someway, but ultimately, you will find a home and sisters that are great.

Of course over the last few days, she's watched some girls get completely cut, some girls get upset that they didn't get an invite back to that special group and others that saw they got cut from a specific group, hand in their nametag and stuff and head home. She saw girls get catty when another in her group who only got invites back to two groups was a little emotional (but didn't quit). They couldn't understand why it was a big deal to her, but these same girls got 4 invites back. Even when you weren't completely rejected, it still stings a little. (That girl stuck it out and was very happy with her pref choices, btw. It was just a bit overwhelming at that moment.) Daughter took my advice about open minds and sticking it out, and gave it to her friend who only got invites back to one group each night, but after pref was very happy with this group and will be very happy to accept a bid with them.

Daughter was nervous last night. Thankfully I think she was tired enough that she did fall asleep. Even though I know her chances of getting a bid are pretty darn high, having only one pref party, I didn't tell her how high. I want her to have this experience in the fullest I think. I think the tears and emotions she has today will help her bond with her new sisters and help her be sympathetic to PNMs she talks to down the road.

So I'm up early to go help at another campus for bid day for my sorority. I'm excited to see all my new sisters too. I'll be anxiously awaiting the text and pictures from my daughter. Once I make sure she's settled, I'll update this story with the real name of the Bulldogs.

FSUZeta 09-17-2017 07:57 AM

How great! What a beautiful Panhellenic spirit the. Bulldogs have. Looking forward to hearing all about it this afternoon.

thetalady 09-17-2017 01:53 PM

What a wonderful attitude, Mom!! Your daughter was lucky to have you to help her & other PNMs through rush. It is not for the faint of heart. I can't wait to hear the end of this story!

QLB817 09-17-2017 04:37 PM

Sorry for the delay - I went to spend Bid Day with several of my new sisters at a different campus and the cell phone coverage was very poor. Had to wait to get back home to post the results of daughter's Bid Day.

I had to leave around 8 and daughter was supposed to be at her Bid Day events at 10am. Any calls that were going to be made would be made by 8:45. Daughter was anxious still, but I got a text around 9 that since she didn't get a call, she was getting ready to head to campus. My own sisters and I were setting up for our own Bid Day, and everyone kept asking if we had news yet. (They all wanted to see pictures!) Spotty coverage of cell service didn't help. But finally, shortly after 10, a text finally came through from Daughter with a picture of her bid card to the Bulldogs or better known as

Alpha Xi Delta!!!

She was so very excited, yet antsy because she had to wait a bit still after opening bid cards to run to her new sisters. She had a great day with her sisters. Her Bid Day buddy was fabulous and she loved all her little gifts. In addition to her Bid Day shirt, she also got another shirt. (Not to mention the one we happened to find the other day. Guess it must have been a sign!) So she's well on her way to having plenty of AXiD themed stuff.

Yesterday after she had received her Pref invites, I had her stepdad help me cut letters in wood, paint them and decorate them for her door here at the house. Since she's living at home this year and not on campus, I thought that would be a nice surprise for her. I wasn't home yet, but my husband sent me a picture of her reaction when she stopped by the house to get a few things. She was so excited that we had done it. She even posted on Snapchat a picture of it with the caption "Best Parents!"

So two successful Bid Day celebrations in our home today. I was very happy to see my 46 new sisters for Zeta Tau Alpha as well. And now I'm worn out and ready for a nap! Thanks to all for the good thoughts and reassurance through the process!

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