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06-25-2001, 11:31 PM
i have a question. I like a guy and we talked before he crossed, and he knows that i want to be a delta. we are at the point where he wants to know where we stand. the thing is i fear this will have a negative impact on my chances of becoming a delta on my campus. do you really think that talking to a omega before becoming greek is a good idea? even if you were friends before he crossed. and what exactly is the big deal about datign an omega, before pleding?

06-26-2001, 01:15 PM
I see your question. I hope I am restating this correctly: will having a relationship with a Que be looked upon negatively in terms of your hopes to pledge Delta.
Reactions to this depends on the campus. If you and this man, who also happens to be a Que, were seeing eachother before HE even pledged...then, people can't say that you are only trying to get close to the Ques...or even use the Ques to get close to the Deltas.
As my bruh said, he is a man before he is a Que...you're not dating the org. you're dating the man.
However, always be careful what you say and do. Things that you say and do can come back to you...even when you THINK no one's watching. It may be best that you do not discuss Greek affairs with him (or keep such discussions limited), keep your relationship completely separate.
As long as you're handling your business, getting your grades, doing service, etc...you should not receive a negative vibe about who your boyfriend is.

dog dog bang bang
06-27-2001, 12:46 AM
Baby sista, before he is an Omega he is a man. Some women think we change when we cross, but we don't. There's just so much that we tackle in society that we have to let loose of all the negativity passed to us. Negativity like people not carry about the homeless, little children in the neighborhoods...etc.. But if he was cool then he is still cool now. See it is others that give the bad name to Omega but we just keep it real. If he's real be real with him