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04-21-2006, 10:36 AM
Hey guys. I'm a member of the newly formed Alpha Sigma Phi colony at Clemson University. I was wondering if any of you guys had any tips as far as what we could do here at Clemson to compete with our more established fraternities here. Clemson's greek life is only 20% of student population, and our rush is a bit informal. We do two huge cookouts out on a field on campus for two nights, then have invite parties the next two nights, then give out bids. Most of the invite parties consist of standing around trying to make conversation, anything that you guys do at other schools that could help?

05-14-2006, 03:23 AM
At Alpha Tau we do the following for Rush:

- BBQ's at the House for Dinner and at midnight.
- Fat Cats Nights (Ask the Rutgers guys ;)) Or other massive crazy ass food (like Luthers also)
- Sometimes a Laser Tag trip
- Sometimes trips to ChinaTown/the city
- Movie Nights or TV Nights - we show a bunch of episodes including the latest one of Family Guy/Boondocks/House/whatever is big, or a movie that's just released to theaters for free in our basement

Think of crazy ass shit that no one's ever thought of. Go bungie jumping or skydiving. (Obivously don't cover them for really expensive shit, but get them phsyced up for it) I don't know what's near you guys, but maybe waterskiing? Trip to the local big city?

Getting lots of girls to recommend your house is also a good plan.

Hope I've given you some ideas, if you want some hookups for TV/Movies or need more ideas, feel free to e-mail me - webmaster@tobettertheman.com

08-17-2006, 11:36 AM
At Epsilon Delta (U of Maryland) we do the following for Rush:

- Kickoff event with all fraternities
-Steak and Shrimp outside with Ben's (a brothers) band playing on the porch by the food in bulk and brings a huge crowd
-Wings at Bentley's (bar) 6-8 (This is Booked)
-MAYBE Billiards and Bowling at terpzone from 12-2 after that,
-tailgate for the UMD football game
Invite only dinner or poker (Interviews)

Also, do unofficial events in smaller groups. Meet a rush at an event and say hey you want to play some basketbal tommorrow afternoon. Go to parties at night. whatever the side event is.

Alot of it is how you talk to the rushes then the actual events. You have to make quick friends, get phone numbers and remember who they are. Get them excited about all your chapter does in a year and also look to overcome their fears of joining. Have your brothers be prepared to answer frequently asked questions and popular fears.

check out the national alpha sigma phi website recruitment tips. its under resources. some of it is corny, but some of it is good.

Feel free to email me at kmirowit@Umd.edu

Welcom to ALPHA SIGMA PHI, Maryland is still better at Clemson. Maybe our two chapters can do road trips to watch the games. GO TERPS!!!