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08-09-2004, 02:32 PM
New Grand Council Elected at Grand Chapter, 2004

On July 24, 2004, the following men were sworn in as the Alpha Sigma Phi Grand Council. From among many, they were elected by the Grand Chapter Delegates to lead our great Fraternity for the coming two years.

Col. (Ret.) Mark Still, Washington '75, Grand Senior President
Scott Grissom, Oklahoma '78, Grand Junior President (re-elected)
Rich Ritter, Ohio Wesleyan '93, Grand Marshal (new to Council)
Jeff Hoffman, MAL* '76, Grand Treasurer
LTC Jonathan Burns, MAL '84, Grand Secretary
Mike Young, Murray State '94, Grand Councilor (re-elected)
John Tilden, Binghamton '93, Grand Councilor (new to Council)
Bob Kutz, Berkeley 67, maintains appointment as Grand Historian

Brothers John Gibson, Indiana '85 and Ed Leedom, Bowling Green '86 retired from Grand Council after many years of hard work and commitment!

*MAL - Member-at-Large (not affiliated with any current chapter).

I personally know Brother Grissom, AA 742. Lt. Col. Jonathan Burns is the son of the late Ralph Burns, past Grand Secretary of the Fraternity. Brother Burns graduated from West Point and was later initiated an MAL in 1984.