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10-08-2003, 11:40 AM
Welcome to the home of Alpha Sigs online on GreekChat! I hope you enjoy your visit to our group and the various active discussion groups of GreekChat!

A bit about myself: I am a loyal alumnus member of Alpha Alpha chapter at the University of Oklahoma (AA 814 - 1984). I've been a regular here on GreekChat for well over a year, and I am now the moderator of this GreekChat forum

Please take note of the following ground rules:

1. This is an open discussion forum; anyone registered on GreekChat may post here. Please watch what you say, as it might come back to haunt you.

2. DO NOT discuss any specific portions of our Ritual and Secret Work anywhere in this forum. Likewise, the internal business of your chapter is confidential and should never be discussed here.

3. We do have a 'parallel' Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity in the Philippines. Unlike our fraternity which is restricted only to males, ASPhi-Philippines is co-ed and is unofficially recognized by National HQ. We extend the hand of brotherhood to our Filipino brothers and sisters and welcome them to post here as well.

4. Personal attacks directed against any brother or pledge online, or to any GC member who posts here WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Period.

Official news and announcements from Alpha Sigma Phi National Headquarters originate from the official fraternity website; as a courtesy to all, they will be posted to this forum.

Keep the Phoenix flying high!


Alpha Sigma Phi GreekChat Moderator