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04-06-2003, 08:29 PM
Hi ladies!

I'm from Epsilon at Northwestern and I have a question for you...we're restarting a committee structure and I'd like to know what sort of committees you use (if you use them). We're planning on things like a public relations committee and a social committee, but in order to keep the size of them manageable, we need a few more ideas.


04-07-2003, 03:01 AM
Here's a list of most of the committees we use. Basically, there's one under most major offices, and some are more useful than others:

- Standards (I think this is in the IH bylaws): one member from each academic class + Standards chair and President, deals with hearings, etc.
- Public Relations: doesn't get used for much more than congratulatory stuff for other chapters/orgs and ads in our campus paper.
- Scholarship: helps organize our study files and proctor study hours.
- Philanthropy: helps organize and promote our philanthropies as well as other chapters/orgs.
- Social/Formal: helps plan formals/socials (not used much).
- Ritual: SO USEFUL! Helps ritual chair with EVERYTHING, esp. during initiation.
- New Member: helps New member ed with meetings, events, etc. Organizes a lot of the new member functions.

Hope that helps a little bit!

In TTKE, Carol

04-07-2003, 10:29 AM
We have committees for almost everything...

MVP-we have a day chair for each rush party and then a committee who is under the day chair as well. They plan all the details for their party with the MVP.

ritual committee to help ritual chair with functions, primarily initiation, pinning and senior celebration.

fundraising committee in charge of every aspect of all fundraisers

philanthropy committee to assist the philanthropy chair with the planning and execution of all philanthropic events...advertising, set up/clean up, etc

standards committee, as mentioned already, only our president is not part of the committee

social committee...we actually have offices under the social chair...mixer chair, formal chair, and campus activities chair...each of these chairs has a committee to help with the events that they plan

other committees can be added if the chair decides that she needs help with something.

Love in II K E,

04-08-2003, 04:47 AM
Here at Arizona State . . . .

we have a rush committee of 4 girls and they all help plan the days, t-shirts, rush school, clothing attire. It work great.

I know we have a ritual chair with i believe 2/3 assistants, i think we have a senior cell comittee headed up by the MEVP, working on a scholarship committee. We are also developing a New Member Committee for the Fall semester but we have 2 new member ed's currently.

nothing really but we have a FVP assistant that takes talking fine payments.

philanthropy committee soon to come. We have 2 social chairs. External and Internal. One for date parties and one for mixers/socials.

standards committee - someone from each grade

I think that is all. We have a position for every thing possible. Take a look at our officers page of our website..........