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Swamp Thang
07-10-2002, 01:41 PM

how come The ladies in Charlotte have already declared it a State Holiday?

how come I bet the local Poultry Plant chickens are SMOKIN' NEWPORTS.. they NERVOUS lol

how come I've got 9 years in THE FRAT.. and I'm still geeked about the Clave

how come I don't even smoke.. but
how come I'm hav'n this fantasy about going to a farm somewhere off tobacco road and just pickin' a huge tobacco leaf (outta the pasture like it was a bunch-of-greens), and rollin' a PHAT ARSE CIGAR... and just walk down the main hotel drag in Charlotte and light that bia up...

how come I'll be just coughing up a lung.. and passing that bad boy to the 1st Cop I see and say,"*biggie style* Hit this Gee.. this is that ISH !!!"

how come I keep having this feeling of being caught with my hand in the coochie *er.. ummm* i-i-i MEAAAN "COOKIE JAR" in Charlotte...

how come I'mma be on Frat Bruh Tom Joyner's Morning show at the Clave?

how come I'll be hosting VH1.. behind the music "THE QUES 2002 Conclave"

how come I'mma look in the camera and say," u think u know, but u have no idea..

how come I'mma be on the sidewalk with a "WILL HOP FOR OOCHIE" SIGN?

how come if anybody says they saw me, I'mma say " It wasn't me!"

how come I got a weird feeling Charlotte is gonna be the outtest clave since '96 in LA.

how come I'll be in Charlotte tomorrow night at 10pm.. Peace...

07-10-2002, 02:04 PM
May all of you Omega men have a safe journey to and from Conclave. Take care of serious business but party hard in the process (it probably was unncessary to say that-huh?). :D Then if you are not too beat come on down to Atlanta and continue the party!

07-10-2002, 03:45 PM
Originally posted by ladygreek
May all of you Omega men have a safe journey to and from Conclave. Take care of serious business but party hard in the process (it probably was unncessary to say that-huh?). :D Then if you are not too beat come on down to Atlanta and continue the party!

Soror, I will be there to make sure they do the work, no need to check on the partying @ all. LOL

I look forward to meeting Swamp and DoggyStyle at some point this weekend. Doggy you will have to introduce me to a COOL BREEZE Que so I can donate to the Cool Breeze operation.

07-10-2002, 07:17 PM
Swamp, I may miss the Sky show, but I'll be there Fri with Gold Boots shining, then I'll put on my khakis and loafers and head to the meetings. Can a bruh get a Red Dagger.

How come I know this will be an OOUUTTTT-AAAZZZZ Clave.

How come I know that my neos will be tryin' to out-hop the 7th D.

How come this Clave is already better than the Indy Clave and it aint even started yet.

Rooooo to Da Bruhs!!!!!

07-11-2002, 05:45 PM
Posted on Thu, Jul. 11, 2002

Thousands gather for fraternity
Staff Writer

As many as 10,000 people -- including former presidential candidate the Rev. Jesse Jackson -- are heading to Charlotte for the fraternity Omega Psi Phi's convention, which is held every two years.

Jackson will give a speech -- open to the public and free -- as part of the seven-day event that opens with registration at 8 a.m. today at the Charlotte Convention Center.

He, basketball legend Michael Jordan, comedian Bill Cosby and the late poet Langston Hughes rank among the African-American fraternity's most famous members.

"Empowering minorities economically and socially" is the theme of this year's meeting and the topic Jackson and others will address in speeches and workshops. A career fair, health fair and leadership camp for children also are part of the week's events. Much of the convention's entertainment will be open to the public.

Police say the convention is not expected to cause Uptown traffic problems. But hotels -- and many restaurants -- likely will be jammed.

Former Mecklenburg County Commissioner and State Sen. Jim Richardson will serve as the meeting's grand marshal. He, Charlotte Mayor pro tem Patrick Cannon and State Sen. Charlie Dannelly also are members of the fraternity.

Omega Psi Phi has initiated more than 150,000 members since it was founded in 1911 at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Original members took the name from the initials of the Greek phrase that means "friendship is essential to the soul," the group's motto.

In addition to on-campus chapters, it has chapters for members who have finished college.

The fraternity sends tens of thousands of dollars a year to the United Negro College Fund and supports the National Urban League. It also builds Habitat for Humanity homes and helped register black and other minority residents in the 2000 Census.

"We're about serving mankind -- that's what our fraternity is about," said Earl Wilson, executive director of the fraternity, which has 650 chapters around the world and about 13,000 active members. While in Charlotte, Wilson said, the fraternity will donate $25,000 for scholarships to Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte and another $23,000 to The Tom Joyner Foundation, to help students continue their education at black colleges.

But, like many other fraternities and sororities, Omega Psi Phi's reputation has been marred by hazing incidents at some of its chapters, sometimes leading to serious injuries and, in rare cases, death. The fraternity banned hazing years ago.

"We have no tolerance for hazing," Wilson said Tuesday. "We've taken swift action against anyone who violates that. They're expelled from the fraternity."

Fraternity members, their families and guests are expected to spend $2.3 million in the Queen City, according to Kim Rickwood, a vice president with the Charlotte Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Other conventions bring more people to Charlotte, but city officials consider this one significant.

"This is one of those groups that really brings some national notoriety (to Charlotte) because of who attends," said Rickwood.

"Shaquille O'Neal is a member -- and he may attend."