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05-15-2002, 12:00 AM
I'm a Alpha Sig from Beta Delta chapter at Marshall University. Summer's here, but fall will be be back before we know it so it would be cool if we could exchange some rush ideas or something like that. I'd also like to know how all the other chapters have been doing, we just won the chapter of excellence award on our campus!!!!!!! Message back with a time you can meet in the fraternity and sorority chatroom so we can all chat and make our prescence known to all the greeks on this site.

Causa Latet Vis Est Notissma
Alpha Sigma Phi

ASF Jeff
11-26-2005, 02:17 AM
Hey Alpha Sig guy what's up, I'm reppin the Salisbury University chapter in Maryland. What we've done for rush is we have had meetings every Friday night during the first 4 weeks of the semester, and we've been putting our meetings on Facebook to further get the word out. At the meetings we go over the history of the Fraternity and talk about how prestigious being in a Fraternity is, and we make sure to stay in touch with all of the rushes who come out to the meetings in hopes of convincing them to pledge with us. How are you guys going to handle formal recruiting? We've talked about it alot here, and so far we've talked about alot of things but we don't know yet exactly what we'll do.

Also, I'm running for Social chair so what themes have you guys used at socials that have worked well. The sororities here will try just about anything, and I've already compiled a long list of possible themes, what has worked for you guys? Feel free to i.m. me also.

As far as times I can get in the chatroom, I just registered but I'll try to be in every single night if I can, and on nights we have events I may either come in before or after, either early evening (7-8ish) or later (10ish-midnight). I'll also get in during the day but I'm not sure which times yet.